7 Ways to Make New Wood Look Old + The Great Oxidation Experiment

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See high-resolution photos of these results and step-by-step instructions here: https://gadgetsandgrain.com/2019/08/02/how-to-oxidize-age-wood-in-a-matter-of-minutes/

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Oxidation is the natural process that wood undergoes as it ages. Over time, the exposure to oxygen and UV light from the sun cause a board to either lighten or darken – depending on the wood species. Repeated changes in moisture and exposure to elements like wind and rain can also accelerate the aging of wood. You probably see aged wood every day when you see an old cedar fence which may have an almost ebony tone to it.

And although the wood’s surface is punished in the process, an aged barn door or weathered beam has a certain appeal to it. Obtaining a “vintage” look in a project is something to which many DIYer’s aspire, but getting wood with an already rustic look can be difficult and expensive. To get around the hassle of finding the right wood, you could just create it with a simple homemade wood aging solution.

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