Bendy and the Ink Machine Theories: Sammy is Boris? ? – Horror Game Theory

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Bendy and the Ink Machine Theories! Sammy is Boris the Wolf? This horror game theory explains all, and we will look for clues for Chapter Three in the process! Bendy and his friend return, and we once again get that ink flowing through the cartoon studio to uncover some new secrets! What will this dark and puzzling game hold for us? Probably more demonic Disney inspired goodness!
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Fear the machine, for he will set us free…

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*** BATIM Theories! Boris is Sammy Laurence? Let’s look at the Facts ***

Many Prodigies believe that Sammy is Boris because of the clothes that they wear, which appear to be overalls. This is an interesting coincidence, but isn’t solid evidence… or is it?

In this horror game theory, we look at how Joey Drew’s intentions have corrupted Sammy’s mind. We also look at how this has consequences on Henry and tie it all together to figure out why and how Sammy, as well as future characters in BATIM Chapter Three and beyond, are affected.

What do you think?

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