100 Days: Fallout Bunker Edition (Hardcore | Minecraft | Roleplay)

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I survived 100 days in a hardcore minecraft world, underground while building a nuclear fallout shelter! I used the Stoneblock 2 ftb modpack for Minecraft 1.12.2 to build the most epic 60’s style bunker ever!

I really think it turned out amazingly well, I can’t wait for you to see it! I’ll be lightly roleplaying once again, this time as our sole survivor of a apocalypse in a hole, as he works tirelessly for 100 days to build the bunker of his dreams.





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Fixxitt 412 says:

Hi all!! Thanks so much for watching!!! If you like lore and storyline, here’s a 4 part drama series set in my single player world!!! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1yPAXOC3LaF5VWFR4I9pvVA3K5KRf9_D

Vanna Manguno says:

Your Bob/Fred: B/F
Guy that is interviewing you: G
G:So when you are working this job and your other the hours will combined and how will you do that like do you have any friends to take over?
B/F: All my friends are dead

Renjini Soman says:

Me whose monochrome colorblind.. Well color doesnt matter me 2 much

Raccoon_girl✨✨ says:

Do you know the feeling that you watch a yt video of someone and you think ‘this guy is going to blow up’

Yea that’s what I’m feeling anytime I watch you’re videos❤️

Donovan akuhatahalatau says:

why wont you just dig straight up wih some armour and gas mask and see what happened

Bass Remix Nation says:

ok this is not a minecraft…

Grodarados says:

that moment when the father is younger looking than the son 😀

Galicia Irish says:

this remands me of hypnotizd the stone block episodes

dominykas tyr says:

Ahh yes dreams stone crafting table is real now

PLN-M says:

Finally the first intro that accually good
Perfection cant tell it all

Lim Lim says:

hear some back ground sound

starwarsfan_l says:

"awakened draconium chicken" thats end game material from chickens

DrNeko says:

This was a lot of fun to watch:)

MrGl1tch says:

lol the nuke is a cigar

P U R E says:

100 days in space???

Elijah munoz says:

This is one of the best videos IV ever watched you did such a good job on this all your videos have really good story telling just over all you did a good job

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