4 Key Differences Between Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade and Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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What’s the difference between Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade?

As a heavily expanded experience in an episodic format, Final Fantasy 7 Remake introduces several new story beats that add more depth and intrigue to your time spent with Cloud and the gang. You also see much more of Midgar where the game is set, which means you’ll see new sides to the metal city and encounter fresh faces as well. There’s a lot of new ground to cover in the Remake, and while there are some minor changes we won’t touch on here, we’ve gathered the biggest Final Fantasy 7 Remake differences for consideration.

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00:00 – FF7 Remake Intergrade is not a new game
00:14 – This is not necessarily free
01:35 – You get to play as Yuffie
02:44 – Photo Mode
03:18 – Next Gen Visuals, Loading and Feedback

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GamesRadar says:

To clarify if you bought the digital copy of the game for PS4 you will also get the upgrade for free

Slyizable says:

You need a PS5? That's quite surprising……

Curex666 says:

so if u buy ps4 version u will get the exact same game on ps5? including yufi? someone told me that if u play the ps4 disk version on the ps5 the loading times are slightly worse than with ps5 disk version is that right? i mean the game on ps4 is like 25$ cheaper. so i just want to know before i throw away some money 😀

Galaxy Gaming says:

You do not get the upgrade for free if you purchased the physical copy in ps4 and then got a digital ps5. You get boned

Marque Amore says:

I’m just blown away. And I’m in tears playing this game on the PS5.

Papai Pai says:

I've downloaded to PS5 in my using my physical PS4 copy but it still says I have to buy the content intermission. And the game doesn't boot up showing integrated in the title

Faifthful says:

I totally hate the fact they didnt just finished the whole game beforehand before releasing incomplete parts

Travis Field says:

so this is a cash grab pretty much

sdsdsd says:

Ps5 copy costs around 40 whilst ps4 costs around 20. Why would anyone buy the ps5 copy then? Just get a new ps4 copy and upgrade it for free? Unless I am missing something

João Correia says:

I have the PS Plus version, so I need to pay more 50euros for the Intergrade version for my PS5?

Rick i Morty SZORTY says:

Thank you Square After all thoes Yares You Deliverd This part i could feel my chilldhood again thank you that pricless feeling that you where able to once again awake in me once again for a sec i could be that kid again forever gratefoul .

Conner Lamb says:

Thanks for the vid I was curious if I should buy this game because I got it free on Ps plus. Definitely buying the sequel

krispymagicgames says:

I dont understand why photomode is always liked. I never use it in any game

Edo_87 says:

Is it possible to play FF7 remake intergrade with no character swapping? That means going solo, regardless of the other characters?

WebVMan says:

I honestly hate high frame rates in games. Makes me nauseous. Give me high resolution graphics any day of the week.

WebVMan says:

Yet I bought a physical copy for PS4 and a Digital Edition PS5. I’m so screwed.

crimsondemonx says:

I love the way they smack there fans in the face if they weren't lucky enough to find a ps5

MetroidGT says:

I cant wait for it to come to PC!!!

Thomas K says:

Yuffie surprised me, she seriously beats ass!! Always was a fav char of mine. But i have a ps5, bought ff7r on ps4 (ps5 wasnt out yet) so though i got the free ps5 upgrade, i still had to buy the yuffie dlc.

Dillgurt says:

So did anyone notice that a ps5 games price is pretty much 70 bucks. N I remember sony saying the games prices would still be normal prices that F@$KED UP that they lied

M P says:

I’m confused… the way he talks about the update makes it seem like the PS5 update will include the intergrade version. The free PS5 upgrade doesn’t include intergrade but you can purchase it for $20.

N Hevy says:

I wish they stuck with the turn based combat. Maybe it's just me but I couldn't get into it. The original will always be the better game, and only had to buy it once for the full experience.

BadboyDCX says:

10+ Edginess


The question is, will I be able to play ps5 using psvita just as I did to ps4?

Stefan The RainbowPhoenix says:

Oh, so you have to pay for a better version of the game if you got it for free the first time? And you also need the console to be able to play the game? You don't say!

Btw, the price of the console is less of an issue than actually being able to get it at all! If I hadn't bought it on Ebay for 695 € plus shipping costs, I probably wouldn't have gotten it to this day!

Anjin84 says:

Wtf would I be here if I didn't have a ps5?

damieN says:

Welp, i guess i will just watch ff7r intergrade on twitch.. considering i won't be copping a ps5 anytime soon

Abalam PT says:

I have a physical copy of the game, and I bought a ps5…
But the upgrade with yuffie episode is not free

shaprepenr says:

Did this dude seriously go on and state that “The PS5 upgrade isn’t free because you need to buy a PS5”?
And water is wet my friend.

Alex Toro says:

watching this to see if it’s worth buying it bc I can’t upgrade for free since I got the ps+ version

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