AMBUSH in the Woods – Best NEW Map in Chivalry 2 Beta – Battle of Darkforest

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Chivalry 2 has a New Map and it’s Amazing – Chivalry 2 Beta Battle of Darkforest Gameplay
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Margarita Custodio says:

Wow its so asam i like your videos its so kulle 👍😃😃🙂

Marine International says:

that was an epic Victory i love the content but can you make more ravenfield video it's been long since you haven't played it :>

M.N Rayyan Yusri says:

Baron:fire the archer


Move away Agatha , Baron is trying to destroy your castle .

Tristan Gough says:

play cosout

Filip Sabo Mišić says:


ปภาวิน งามประดิษฐ์ชอบ says:


SkullHead GamezYT says:

Can you make more of this? I realky loved it❤

Viki Buller says:

Dude you should play for honor

Angelia Harrison says:

7:16 look how bloody his sword is.he has become more powerful than shaggy himself.

Warriorsorb says:

It's really fun. The only thing that sucks about it is the teamkilling because either you get caught up in the middle of the fight and you have that adrenaline rush to where you accidentally kill a teammate or you try throwing your weapon at your opponent and at the very last second your teammate got in between and takes the damage instead

Poodleboy 1 says:

I would love to play this game with you. You're the best youtuber i know

Poodleboy 1 says:

Baron you may not be able to say my name but I really want this game but my mum doesn't let me have it

DjakoYT says:

crossplay is not fun in this game. the archer pro's are to good on pc! WHY DID I BUY IT ON PLAYSTATION :'(

Marc Böetius says:

Youre supposed to go the front of the convoy

Christian Eroh says:

I’ve already played all the maps a dozen times we need more for sure

Lucas H.Y. Tong says:

Did that messer look awfully like a longsword to you folks?

Arachnid Bug says:

I found thesonofthemisfits father today misfit

DrakeRedWind01 says:

liked the video just because you called the scorpion a scorpion and not something else like a ballista.

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