Attempting the Impossible on NBA 2K20

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Download Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order here:
Make sure to use my creator code! Troydaddy
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Troydan attempts to go 12-0 on NBA 2K20 #NBA #NBA2K20

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Troydan says:

Download Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order here:
Make sure to use my creator code! Troydaddy

Gillian Kohn says:


Baaren says:

How u got One splash brother but not the other.

Gavintheram says:

Tell me why I can hear Goldbergs walking intro from WWE

Jade Tumang says:

Yow nov 27 thats my birthday

Leo H says:

Omg the birth of the donkey dome

Fluxuate X says:

The statuesque wedge immunohistochemically punish because height suprisingly drip alongside a flippant crop. lying, relieved parsnip

cannot say pop and forget the smoke says:

i went 12-0 cuz i asked people to quit

St1xs On YT says:

Troydan this is a tip for jump ball. When you see the people jumping for ball hold square you are most likely to win tip

Vincent Wright says:

The birth of the Donkey Dome
Press F to pay respects

Lebron says:

My brother said your voice is so annoying you should delete your channel

Grimme says:

Whrre is lonzo

xthegoat goat says:

Whats that one name nyc fans called porzingus?

Zada says:

i work at tim hortons 😳

carson pez says:

Goldbergs music hit different tho

lito dat says:

Don’t u hate that when u run up against someone who already went 12-0 lol

S Hags says:

Troydan: is that a default character

Meyers Leonard: Am I a joke to you


Troydaddy: “were gonna have donkey Kong on our ass!”

Me: Woah… Hold on there,😬

VaNeSsA RiFfLe says:

Could you go 12-0 with really bad players and one Galaxy opal

George Sevdalis says:


Billy Bob says:

First quarter he calls him good fourth quarter he calls him bad

Billy Bob says:

He forgot to change his court LOL 😂

Benjamin Karle says:

What is the song that starts playing in the background @ the 13:20 mark?

The Master says:

Troydan: Lonzo
Cash: Lebron
Cash: Curry after 5 years luka
Normal 2k youtuber; Lebron or jordan or kobe
Me: Wilt “the big dipper” Chamberlain
And lebron is overrated

Tehhf says:

Like or Donkey Kong is going to win against you

Emanuel Medina Torres says:

Troy removing LeBron and Anthony Davis for lonzo y see what u doing😂😂

Shabao23 says:

Who is here after he got opal Wilt?

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