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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Theme (Extended)

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EDIT 9/22/2020: direct downloads are now enabled on the soundcloud version!! GO HAM!!!! and also thanks for 29,468 views! you guys ROCK!!!!!!!
wanted 2 make an extension for the brc teaser theme! hope it turned out well 🀞
soundcloud version here: https://soundcloud.com/blastyveteran/brc

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk by Team Reptile
Song by Hideki Naganuma


BlastoiseVeteran says:

almost 1k views??? holy cow, thank you guys SO MUCH!!!!!!!! i seriously cant wait for this game to release. i've never really been into jsr but this game looks FANTASTIC! (actually, i have jsr in my steam library… maybe i should play it?)

8Hundred says:

Ok who else is comparing this after listening to "Jack da funk" lmao

SnowTenkey says:

Jack da funk Alternative Mix

Gilby says:

On this day, the real thing has finally been unveiled, "JACK DA FUNK", nearly 20 months later. I still love this one though! β™₯

Golden Lightning says:

I'm gonna miss this version of the song even tho it isnt official it's still an absolute banger

David McRae says:

that was so rad

Xezav says:

I've listened to this so much, but I only just realized the black lotus in the background.

kardy b says:


Jimothy Ross says:

Bro, the audio mixing abilities are really showing!

Alan_M00ch says:

0:25 "COME ON!" – this Sonic fan approves

Pastaluvr 5 says:

I'm so excited for BRC!

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