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Borderlands 3 | FL4K Critical Spam Build (Insta-Kill Enemies And Bosses!)

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Today we cover my mayhem 3 FL4K build! If you enjoyed, then be sure to leave a “Like” and subscribe!


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Joltzdude139 says:

This build was made after the hotfix to nerf torgue shotguns. As you can see, FL4K still destroys with them.

Gage Moeggenberg says:

man back when the game had promise and wasnt a letdown

Monkey says:

Who remembers when borderlands 3 first came out and these builds were stupidly op and fun.

Deitz nuts says:

How did you get that hat

its _vacx says:

GUB LANDS challenge run taht you only use the gub the gub needs love too 🙁

Anthony Clarke says:

Hey joltz I played a lot of borderlands 3 at launch but kind of stopped after the hammerlock dlc. I was wondering if you could make a video on what they have updated in this game? I played again yesterday and there was a lot of new stuff I have no idea what it is

God Slayer says:

Is this a good build still?

Redez says:

Man tye guns back than were crap but now there god mode, my main guns would be the soulrender, the seventh sense, redestributer , and the hell walker

Willy Avila says:

Flak moment

Merrik Shirk says:


zeyd saem says:

hello joltzdude. I'm a Turk. I'm a fan of their music. Can you share your music on youtube my friend?

Ded Bot says:

The good old days

Ignis Glasses says:

normal borderlands 2 or 3 run but if you guess the loading screen gun wrong the runs over

St4rkiller says:

unironically this was the peak of the game, sad to say

funsteven 2727 says:

Im playing the xbox 1 release date version cuz i dont got internet to update it so is this a good build for release date ?

Jacob Phillips says:

I was just wondering will this build still work with the new skill tree for moze?

I Eat Refrigerators says:

Does this still work?

MEEJ Kilometers says:

is this still relevant as a build?

Sail says:

Looks like the Game is WAY to easy. Hey oneshotting everything.

ThePastelWaifu says:

I play bordlands 1 2 an 3

Enzo says:

I use the same build but I just use my 3000 x 8 fire monarch. OP

Eisaku says:

aw man the time when the lyuda was so good

Rob Harter says:

Are you still at your games as I could for few years so I cannot sounds come check on YouTube channel so watching YouTube I want you Ears

Cody Crandall says:

Joltz, dude I love ya man. Been following for such a long time. Is there anyway you can go back to making borderlands 1 and 2 videos instead of 3? With the game flopping and all the content is lackluster and underwhelming.

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