Borderlands 3: The Best Vault Hunter For You

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Not sure which Borderlands 3 character to roll with? We break down each one so you can pick the right play style for you in the PS4, Xbox One, and PC looter-shooter.

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Ky’s Audio says:

Do you need a boy siren

Garrett Harland says:

Bruh FL4K is strait busted all the time

OgoneAce Teledimo says:

Confirmed, I will be using Siren Krieg!!

Jose Olivas says:

When u wanna switch operator but ur lvl 47 already …

Dat One Guy says:

This video is 2 years old now.


J K says:

Flak is op in cqb too

Jose Briseno says:

Flakk in borderlands 2

jayden wilson says:

amara, y’all don’t know me but amara is one of the best, i played as her and she is so op i couldn’t be killed, her melee skill is so strong it’s not funny and her guardian angel skill is too, you might go down accidentally and you’ll get up straight away, then just wait another minute, if u get down by an enemy get straight up and hide for that minute, she is so unstoppable i think that all of should try her

WarriorDoge555 says:

I finally found what character I’m going to use, Amara

n00bRECON BR says:

Zane with 2 skills is op, use clone for mobility and shield to defend, the best defence is not getting hit.

Jacob Pratt says:

I played my first play through solo, and I picked Fl4k just bc he seemed to be the most interesting to me at the time and it was a great choice bc having an pet companion was extremely handy

Klope says:

I'm going with FL4K

1oAce says:

I'm offended they think pets walking in front of you during emotional scenes is a downside. I was far more imvested in petting my skag than whatever bullshit the writers came up with.

Damaine Stoner says:

Moze and Iron Bear is the best solo …..just use the class mod to let iron bear stay out wayyy longer after moze exit ,jump in iron bear for cover and pop right back out and watch the fire works……so thts 2 gunner, plus iron bear can put up a pretty decent barrier which moze can take cover under….I LOVE MOZE SHE ROCKS……REMIND ME OF AXTON AND HIS TORRENT

Ruuinx says:

After watching this video, I can safely say this isn’t a good video to base what vault hunter you wanna pick off of. He missed a lot of points and also made some imaginary ones😂

Majick says:

imma play Fl4k first

Tempus Tempus says:

Any nihilist in house…not that it matters…like at all.

WeebWarfare says:

You want to have fun?
Play Zane

You want to hate yourself?
Play Moze

You want to be a siren?
Play Amara

You want to play the character literally everyone plays?
Play FL4K

bluflurry says:

I just chose FL4K because I saw he had "pets"

Drake Brady says:

Um I am a borderlands super nerd so all 4 are maxed and I’m working on all on bl2

Chris Cook says:

Thanks for the tips it helped

Lilyshadowlady9 says:

Yo my real name is Lilith

Nick Argenio says:

Zane is most fun to play. Moze is strongest

dori mace says:

i picked zane for one reason: zer0

Insane. Ails says:

idc if im playing solo

Insane. Ails says:

i might choose moze

Ross says:

Be real with you all I only played the pre sequel and thats it,so now I will get the one I find the most useful for me. Moze because i played to much titanfall 2 as legion prime

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