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Borderlands Flashback Crawmerax the Invincible

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Hello there, And welcome to another Borderlands video.
Today’s feature is from the first Borderlands game on the Xbox 360, I thought I would show anyone who hasn’t played this game the awesome boss that is Crawmerax.

Crawmerax was a “Raid” style boss that was introduced with the “Secret Armoury of General Knoxx” DLC – In my opinion this is one of the best boss style fights in the Borderlands series, It’s difficult but not impossible, The loot / reward for defeating the boss is nothing short of spectacular and the fight mechanics are all good in the way that you can revive by killing the smaller enemies on the field, The boss has critical points placed in strategic positions that force you to outmaneuver him in order to hit them.

The Game of the Year edition of Borderlands can be purchased quite cheaply now and it also includes all of the DLC, Making it an absolute bargain.

Thank’s for watching.




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