BROKE My Controller Getting OPAL LAMELO BALL! NBA 2K20 Pack Opening & Gameplay

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Rajin says:

How that dude he played had a custom logo for team?

Nelly 601 says:

8:10 don’t know why he so mad that’s a pretty solid card

Sher Yin Moua says:

20:18 im shleep……. this game is broken as hell

Tiaaa ‘ says:

4:43 I fuckin died 😭😭😭

ShowtimeG says:

Love yo vidz

isimp4Moon says:

i opened 3 next packs and got pd cole anthony, go james wiseman, go lamelo ball

Eben Habte says:

8:10 and 9:40 are what your looking for

Milrock 21 says:

Did no one else not hear him fart at 5:17😂😂

Chris Davis Jr says:

Melo did the damn thang

Darius Ohio state says:

I thought he was lemelo

Harald Lilljeqvist says:

2k20 myteam was goated

Jake Fechner says:

8:34 everyone had that on substitute teacher that always said this

Jamien Gentle says:

Bro get a xbox if your hands are big

Hunter Harris says:

Stop the cap

Gifted skillz says:

When he thinks he got mello and he doesn't it be so funny 😂😂😂

Gifted skillz says:

4:40 wtf chill out u gonna pop a vein doing that 😂😂

ToxicYTGreanzz says:

Cashes inner demon😂

Markeil Robinson says:

So stop blaming it on him you just trash

Davin Adams says:


FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT) says:

Oh yeah, you can tell that person that asked why you shoot with Kareem actually knows basketball and not some stupid video game

Eric The_GOD says:

go to 8:16

Eric The_GOD says:

yo go to 6:22 in the video im diein

Jaiveer sidhu says:

Who remembers in 2k11 when drake was in blacktops

QTK TTV says:

2:202:29 somebody put that in cashnasty sus moments

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