Creator of sprites Tumblr: Creator of demo’s Tumblr: Link to demo: Description of demo: English description: Reverse Falls, is this another late joke from Mike Inel? No! Me Helvest, I will give [More]
Firing somebody is hard, but if one team member isn’t keeping up, it’s better for everyone if the team leader fires them early before their part of the project falls behind. It’s better for the [More] Pay what you want for Torchlight, Rochard, Vessel, Shatter and Space Pirates and Zombies on Mac, Windows and Linux and give a customizable portion of your contribution to the EFF and Child’s Play. Plus [More]
Low Poly is being used as the art style for an increasing number of games. They’re not just ripping off Playstation graphics though. Let Josh take you on a journey to explore where the aesthetic [More] Pay what you want for Little Inferno, Awesomenauts, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone, and Dear Esther on Mac, Windows and Linux and give a customizable portion of your contribution to the EFF and Child’s Play [More]
Hacer un videojuego no siempre es todo lo divertido que puede parecer. ¿Quieres saber por qué? MI WEB: TWITTER: ——————- Música: “Breaktime”, “Your Call”, “Unity”, “Son Of A Rocket” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed [More]
Planet Explorers is a bit like minecraft on an alien planet where you need to survive and thrive after crashing there. It used voxel based graphics for the terrain and items, and you can in [More]
SUPPORT INDIEPOGO ON KICKSTARTER: Check out this awesome game featuring several indie mascots like Lilac from Freedom Planet, Orcane from Rivals of Aether, Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight, and more! Since I feel like [More] Introducing Humble Indie Bundle 4! Get 5 classic indie games: Super Meat Boy, Jamestown, Night Sky, Bit Trip Runner and Shank for whatever price you want while helping the Child’s Play Charity and the [More]
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Consumers are caught between the pros and cons of indie and AAA studios. Why not combine the best of both worlds to help diversify the creative breadth of games we can make? Subscribe for new [More]
I hope you guys enjoy this video! This was a great video to make so I will most likely continue this on a 1 – 2 week basis if it’s something you’d of-course all want [More] Pay what you want and get Limbo, Amnesia, Psychonauts and Sword & Sworcery while helping the Child’s Play Charity and the EFF. If you beat the average on the site you’ll also get Bastion. [More] Introducing Humble Indie Bundle 3! Get 5 classic indie games: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, Hammerfight, VVVVVV and And Yet It Moves for whatever price you want while helping the Child’s Play Charity and the [More]
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Authors of Cars And Guns 3D have come back to present fabulous fast action game with ragdolls, realistic explosions and awesome physics. Airplanes, tanks, grenades, multiplayer and 3 game modes. Have fun and take control [More]
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Today it’s time for something different, as we bounce rubber ducks around a room in this silly little indie game made in a day by some genius guy that loves ducks! Try it here: [More]