This is a bit of a style change in the game from the platformer to the side scrolling shooter.
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Are those California waves too bogus for you? Why don’t you take a surf in SPACE!!!

Space Kahuna is horizontally scrolling shooters developed as a tribute to silly shoot’ em ups from the past such as Parodius, Harmful Park, and Cho Aniki. Therefore don’t expect the usual space tropes and get ready for some silly levels.

You can Download the GAME HERE:

A work in progress side-scrolling shooter I’m developing, demonstrating the basic gameplay planned. Created using LibGdx and box2d, enabling cross platform support for PC and mobile. The PC and android versions are the main focus. Planned features include customizable tanks, power-ups and a much wider array of enemies and weapons.

Postponed until I finish final year. Looking forward to resuming this one.

On display here is the one and only official home port of Konami’s Scramble, accurately recreated from its original bitmap form in cool a** vector graphics. In short: the physics, controls and level designs are all intact, despite the different look.

Even though I was speaking while playing, I surprisingly almost cleared the first loop of this highly influential game, something I’ve done before, but not on any recent playing sessions.

I probably shouldn’t have played through all of this, but I sure did anyway. It was just a good night for scrolling shooters I guess!

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Another classic vertical scrolling shooter for the Amiga. This one still is rather good for it’s age. I’m sure you already know that but if not, you’ll see what I mean. Check out the pretty good music at the end too.

The fantastic X-Out from Rainbow Arts. Easily one of the best horizontal scrolling shooters on the Amiga. Here is some gameplay froma couple of different games showing all the ships and a few of the different weapons systems you can have. Marvellous graphics, gameplay, aliens and a great soundtrack from the master of amiga music, Chris Huelsbeck.

Praise the Lord for Mame the Multiple Arcade machine emulator is used on PC to play all the arcade games of old that we would not be able to play do to the death of the arcade the only way to play is with Mame on a PC this is sad at one time if you had told me that these arcade machines would be gone from stores all over and the 3 big arcade well we have here in Bartlesville Oklahoma we now only have a crappy arcade at the mall that is a shadow of the the arcades that where there once.

Android Horizontal Scrolling-Shooter(test ver.)

Slither down into the basement with our host to escape the penis withering nagging from the wife and pay tribute to a Titan of vertical scrolling shooters….XEVIOUS!!!
Abadox was released in late 1989 for Famicom. Play the role of Second Lieutenant Nazal who must rescue Princess Maria who has been devoured (along with her entire planet!) from the evil giant Parasitis. Plenty of side scrolling shooter fun.

Sound may be a tad off, and yeah, I suck at this game! 😉

Symbol of Destruction

The 1st side-scrolling space shooter with fully destructible environment

Pre-alpha trailer 1 – “The Cave”

Game play summary:

Shoot the enemy planet in pieces and use the fragments to attack the enemy and to overcome challenges.

About the dev:

One-man indie developer / spare time project / made in Unity

Platforms (planned):

PC (Steam) and consoles

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