Shown is the Sith Fury ship in one of the first starship missions where you are tasked to escort and protect another ship through a seemingly war-torn section of space. STARSHIPS Though starships have been [More]
Matt plays Star Wars: The Old Republic; gives you a tour of the Bounty Hunter’s ship. And shows off some space combat. Podcast: Twitter: Community:
Our introduction to Space Combat, rewards, upgrades, loot, and more. The official article to go along with this introduction is available at
SWTOR Empire space mission – Walkthrough of the level 44 space mission Clouds of Vondoru. Hosted by Trout – Ninja Pirates From Space – Saber Of Exar Kun (PvP) _______ ►Facebook: ►Forums: ►Twitch.Tv: [More]
NextGenTactics is your best source for the latest and greatest Destiny content including The Dark Below DLC. We also enjoy a variety of other games including Game of Thrones, Borderlands, and many others. Check out [More]
Jump into the middle of the widening galactic war. Players must fight for their lives to repel enemy ships and carry out daring counterattacks. Source:
Zen takes a detailed look at Star Wars: The Old Republic. In these videos he will be leveling a Smuggler, Jedi Knight, Sith Inquisitor, and Bountry Hunter from level 1 – 10. These videos DO [More]
I’m in an open instance and decide to pull aggro on a bunch of To’Duj Fighters because they’re easy to defeat, usually travel in packs and the pack is usually alone. However, I didn’t see [More]
An overview of the general rules of space combat with a specific focus on small encounters and dogfighting with smaller craft. A subsequent video will deal with large encounters and capital ships, and a later [More]
See how Starbound 1.3 space combat will see mechs floating in zero-gravity as you look for space stations, in this Starbound 1.3 preview news video. Subscribe for more Starbound: | Join the inner circle: [More]
This is why i prefere Endless Space (=turn based strategy) = CHILL FACTOR
Compared to the first game that uses this engine – Star Trek 25th Anniversary, a game I’ve previously Let’s Played – Judgement Rites starts off on a much darker tone. There’s no peaceful mission to [More]
Join Charles, as he dodges minefields, cripples enemy ships, and hides behind asteroids in the first public demonstration of Space Combat in “The Mandate”. You can check out the full update here:
Earth Brakiri war release trailer. Released on the 28/07/08 this babylon 5 based space combat simulator will give you the chance to fly a star fury.
Space battles can be tough when starting out in No Man’s Sky, so here are a bunch of tips on how to win more at ship combat in NMS, including using your photon cannon/phase beam, [More]
Continuing the series of SWG videos… more space combat above Kashyyk- our noob Rebel ace pilot tries to take on some Tier 2/3 TIE Fighters which are patrolling around an Imperial space station. Please bear [More]
SKYJACKER – meet Ael Skyjacker, and learn more about the game. SKYJACKER On Kickstarter: About the game: SKYJACKER is a first person, free-roaming space combat simulator that offers intense co-op action through instant scenarios [More]
App: Experience an amazing 3D space battle on your phone or tablet with our Live Space Battle Wallpaper. The mother ship is under attack and only our brave heros can help it! Lots of [More]
High-octane space shoot-em-up available for your Android phone! Get it from See for updates!
Sign up here and play SWTOR for FREE – In this video you’ll get to see how the Sith Inquisitor gains access to their Starship, the Fury. We’ll show you around the ship, and [More]
Star Trek Online: Learn how to setup your HUD to maximize your effectiveness in space combat!
Everspace looks like an intriguing blend of Freelancer style space combat and exploration mixed with some roguelite elements from games like Faster Than Light. We dive in and take a look.. Game key was provided [More]
Sign up here and play SWTOR for FREE – Dalagrath brings you a look at some level 50 space combat, Zoshas Advance. He also guides you through upgrades and the Jedi Consular/Jedi Knight spaceship, [More]
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I heard about this when Danny Baranowsky (who I managed to call Darren for some reason, I really need to get more sleep) tweeted about it. For the sum of $10 I’m able to download [More]
IGN Editor Nick Kolan takes you on a tour of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s space combat. While the ship to ship combat looks incredibly impressive, the lack of any sense of control over the [More]
Rogue Earth, The developers of Eterium asked me to take a look at their current project, a space combat sim that pays homage to the original Wing Commander albeit with proper 3d graphics and more [More]
Sign up here and play SWTOR for FREE – First of our BETA footage videos, now that the NDA has dropped. Expect tons of videos to be coming out over the next few days/weeks! [More]
From the Penny Arcade Expo, Saturday, September 5, 2009. Star Trek Online clip of space combat.
Sign up here and play SWTOR for FREE – In this video you’ll get to see how the Bounty Hunter gains access to his Starship, the D5-Mantis. We’ll show you around the ship, and [More]
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