First Tutorial Camera and Walking for third Person Game Tutorial File Package : Outlander Model : Third Person Camera :!/content/62374 Playmaker :!/content/368 Have fun with it and sry with the ingame [More]
In this video we begin setting up our main menu. We start with layout and begin adding some functionality. This video series is for people who are at least somewhat familiar with UE4 and are [More]
A (proper) trailer showing off Version 1.5 of my Third Person Game Foundation Kit for Unity 5.1! This update fixes a lot of bugs, adds tonnes of customization options and is a really big milestone [More]
The latest update of my game created with the blender game engine. I’m getting a bit bored of doing the main character so I may start on a level, or perhaps the enemies. Click For [More]
After two solid days of work I have something that looks ok, and is working. Need some mob AI, a few cleanups, and some polish and it should be fun.
Part 1: Welcome to part 2 of the Third Person Shooter tutorial series using Game Maker: Studio! In this tutorial, we’re going to add bullets for the player and enemies, a little bit of [More]
Welcome to a brand new series! Here, we give a look behind the scenes of how we make maps! Hope you enjoy :D! ——————————————– Hey Guys! Today we finally start a new series called Map [More]
Get it now: – Mobile version: Cover + Shooting System – Third Person Shooter: This video tutorial contains a step by step guide to setup the essential files of the “3rd Person [More] [EN] Join the war in a tank with Battle Supremacy for iPhone and iPad. Great campaigns and 10 on 10 multiplayer games await. Battle Supremacy is made by the guys who brought you the [More]
We create a new animation based on the rig from an existing mixamo one which will allow our player to look up and down. Also, we start with a small refactor on the way our [More]
Thanks guys for watching I really do appreciate the feedback, and if you notice any bugs or glitches, let me know in the comments or email me. Here’s the sound pack from the video: [More]
Shrapnel from Radical Interactive is a great 3rd person shooter. Shrapnel ($0.99) More info on Shrapnel here:
Here’s the project file: Thank you guys for watching the video, stay tuned for more!
Destroy an object: function OnCollisionEnter(collision : Collision) { if (collision.gameObject.tag == “Finish”) { Destroy(collision.gameObject); } } Simple movement(no look) var speed : float = 6.0; var jumpSpeed : float = 8.0; var gravity : float [More]
This a small video of me practicing creating third person camera akin to those in early resident evil games, which follows the player, changing position as they explore the level
Thanks for watching guys! Here’s a link to the project file:
Thank you guys for being really patient! Here’s how to do terrain sounds for footsteps. Hopefully this is really helpful to some of you guys! 🙂 Here’s the TerrainSurface script from the video: Here’s [More]
Available on the Asset Store:!/content/27438
Available on the Asset Store:!/content/27438 Corresponding text documentation:
Hey there everyone. I’m happy to announce a brand new series on this channel: How to make a third person shooter with Game Maker Studio. In each part, we will make tons of progress as [More]
In this video we start building the foundation for our enemy AI. We will create and connect the components of our AI as well as give our enemy some senses. This video series is for [More]
How to setup third person camera in BGE Double caption ( Bahasa Indonesia & English ) Basic Movement Tutorial : Basic Movement ( Python ) Tutorial : Background Music by NoCopyrightSounds :
Available on the Asset Store:!/content/27438 Corresponding text documentation:
Splatoon-First Look! (Nintendo Wii U Third Person Shooter 60fps) Giving my thoughts about this lovely game from Nintendo! Enjoy the game! _________________________________________________________________ ★ ABOUT THE VIDEO: Checking out the game Splatoon that was recently released [More]
In this video we go over the effects and how to fix some of the in game glitches. Thanks for watching once again! 🙂 Here’s the Tut6Pack: Here’s the project files:
Available on the Asset Store:!/content/27438
If you’ve ever wanted to make a 3rd Person Shooter, but had no idea where to begin, then look no further Download Unity 3D: Check out my channel: Watch Part 1: basemale [More]
So something I just discovered is that you can play normal (full team) matches in 3rd person (Be A Legend camera) mode. This is quite amazing! Since I’m new to PES I’m not sure when [More]
Developing a 3rd Person Controller is really hard and costs a lot of time, so we develop a Template that you can set up any rigged model in less then 10 seconds and focus on [More]
Very easy way to start a 3rd person game. Subscribe would really help me a lot and for more tutorials 🙂 Where I got this information: Follow me on : twitter – Google+ [More]
This mod offsets the camera to the right whilst in Third Person mode(F5) to allow you to see what’s infront of you!
Thanks for watching! Here’s the project file :
Sorry for the mic, it was too close to my face lol :P. Hope you guys enjoyed! Animations mentioned in video : Here’s my project file :
Here’s mixamo: Take a look at Fuse it’s a great program: Link to project file: Thanks for watching! 🙂
Portal 2 Chapter 5 – The Escape – Exclusive Third Person Walkthrough (PART 9)