Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


Chivalry 2 Best Moments & Funny Highlights – Twitch Montage #6

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Chivalry 2 Best Moments & Funny Highlights – Twitch Montage

You can find here the best chivalry 2 highlights. I hope you like these funny chivalry 2 best moments.

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Gamers Best Plays says:

Checkout latest CHIVALRY 2 montage

Rewhis says:

2:30 is that Elon Musk?


Man, Chi-raq on the weekend is rough.

Rise 2Kill says:

4:10 is literally on drugs

lbonvillain2020 says:

holy fuck this game looks fun

Yogi Minnick says:

And this is what the next gen's got to offer?

sacredcow says:

wtf is there a mordhau moment?

Peace In Nature says:

Was this game improved? I thought this game was irrelevant since Mordhau released

Cucking Liberals says:

He’s killing all bots

Nicolas Lavin says:

It’s about god damn time a game this simple yet super fun has been released. I love great dialogue and stories and all that but damn I love a good senseless slaughter

Psycinator says:

If you are wondering if you should go ahead and buy the game lol well FUCK NO… it crashes every 5 minutes.. made by a shitty team working for a shitty company… where is my refund… i would love to see the pictures of those cowards feeding their families with MY fucking money

Charles says:

8:01 Conor vs Dustin 4

Joy The Digital Knight says:

Chivalry is a fun and great game. But it's not as realistic as the real medieval war. If you guys wanna see how did medieval Knight really fight, please Checkout this video, you won't regret it :

Zero 0 says:

Random thought but can you imagine a skyrim game with these fighting mechanics

Tyrell Talbert says:

It’s so fun and funny to play I swear I love it

Krazee Kinks says:

It would be cool if there could be a DLC for the mongol empire and the first war for Scottish independence

Brandon Fairchild says:

10:17 Was EPIC

Mac Mckulis says:

The Game is good but there is no in game chat, the game framerate is to quick they need to slow it down so it is not lagging like crazy, and the game will be better.

Mrpineapples says:

I’m so glad this game doesn’t look or play like crap on base ps4 worth the buy IMO

Schopenhauer says:

OMG… The Swordmaster from Melee Island™

dailga Floyd says:

Literally none of these are funny

SpoilerOne- La trama e la recensione says:

1:40 that laugh🤣🤣🤣

prod. ritey beatz says:

Wtf that bridge 1v5 tho😳😳😳😳

Min0rMeme says:

Nice of you to highlight a homeless man so much

broyo says:

Whoever is at 9:18, chill

scirfy says:

Great game but find myself in games where half of each team is bots even with cross play enabled. Wish they would just fill up lobbies

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