Chivalry 2 – Exclusive 64 Players Siege Battle Gameplay (New Medieval War Game 2020)

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Check out new gameplay from PAX East 2020 of the upcoming Medieval Multiplayer Combat game ‘Chivalry 2’. Thanks to the developers for sending in this footage straight from the event for all of you! I hope you enjoy and if you wanna see more exclusive things, make sure to support. 🙂
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yThos says:

Don't buy this game, there's women in it.

bighand69 says:

Yeah must be using lightsabers rather than swords to cut through the armour.

bloosith frozol says:

Now that this game is one day for release. me and my freinds bought it a 12 days ago so we're excited

Mr. Riddldit says:

So is this map in the beta

Tobiáš Dvořáček says:

Idk..I would appreciate something it's in kingdom come

Dk Jekyll says:

Bruh those animations are so poor. Feeling like playing dragon ball fighter Z for the first time and wondering where are the fps lol
Guess I'll stay on Mordhau

Pappa Krisp says:

I like the guy screaming after he got decapitated.

Paula Coriolano says:

Well I rlly do think that the pc player are going the most stay on mordhau and the console players don’t have another option then buying chivalry 2(mordhau don’t has a console version so yea I buying chivalry 2)

Hiro says:

Hm I didn't know mordhau changed its name


Julian Groth says:

morhau from wish

Lucas ss says:

Chiv1 still looks better than this shit, in any points, sorry but that’s the truth


I remember playing this alpha

ULTRA_Faff says:

Offline bots?

Hak HakM says:

looks like: die by the sword

Asa Matthew says:

This looks like a minecraft mod trying to be Mordhau. Hope they give it a complete overhaul before they launch it.

The JeZuZ oF 514 says:

Are you a quebecer?

Aquarius says:

looks clunky as fuck and why are your eyes on your chest

Haze Playz says:

That guy gonna lose his voice

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