Chivalry 2: Five Biggest NEWBIE MISTAKES (And How to Fix Them)

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Here are the 5 Biggest Mistakes new players tend to make in Chivalry 2. In this beginner guide I will show you how YOU can avoid them. The things on this list are something most new players are guilty of and directly impact how well you will perform in a game.

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Dennis Collier says:

Pro tip, if you have only 1 enemy on your screen; the rest of his team are behind you

hihibye2324 says:

Could you go into more detail about Riposte.
I hit it a lot (at least the game says I do) but they always just immediately block it.

unnero1 says:

"Riposte will always hit faster then you're opponent" , Yeeeah, this is a completely lie. just because you do a riposte you do NOT get timing advantage and the tutorial is lying to you aswell about this. ONe handers are faster then 2 handed weapons, that's about all the timing advantage you get, anything else is just sheer luck.

StepChris says:

This is the best tip video I have ever seen throughout any game, thank you.

BIGxBOSSxx1 says:

Whenever I’m playing I mostly get killed by people who are seemingly just button mashing swinging wildly and nonstop side to side, and I’m using my defense but because the opponent just keep swinging my shield breaks and I die? How come I run out of stamina faster then the guy who’s swinging whereas im just standing still having no choice but to take the hits because for some reason you can’t hold your shield up and dash back at the same time to create distance?

-- says:

I have 1000 hours on Chivalry 1 and I didn't know what anybody meant when they complained I was gambling. I don't respect initiative, I don't respect anything except victory.

Ein Stein says:

The game was 1000× better in the beta, everyone was having fun and role-playing. Now everyone just sweats or uses coward moves to kill you 🙁

J lamar says:

So hit after bloxk

Jacob Leukus says:

3:20 Poop Mafia 😂😂😂

Cookire says:

Nah my mistake is just running 1v5 and spamming slash attack and then dying immediately and yelling wtf is my team doing

S says:

Damn my boy was fight 6 people at 4:00 ! I hate you good players lmao you know how degrading that is

DoberManKnight says:

Says it’s a bad idea to 1vX yet this man taking on the whole team 😂

BlackIce 671 says:

Downloding game rn

DuFickenNr1 says:

Worst game ive ever played

Canadian Goose says:

What about using a anvil

M Knowles says:

Your S is dangerous damnnn ssssss

Vinny says:

Great opinions, some are just so you can frag more, holding a block is a wonderful tactic.

Kintama Maji says:

And then when you’ve mastered all of the newb mistakes, you die to an arrow to the face

JoseitoEdlVodao says:

The "key" to not constantly getting hit in the back was the fight model that Chiv 1 and Mordhau have.

JoseitoEdlVodao says:

It's incredibly lame they didn't even came up with new maps overall.

A&J fishing says:

I love this game

shamaatae22 says:

My ripostes are blocked? What am i doing wrong?

Moone Shadow says:

Maul is unstoppable now… How do you defend from it?

TheTheater says:

worst mistake is buying this game

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