Chivalry 2 Might Be the Ultimate Melee Combat Simulator

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Find out why IGN contributor David Jagneaux came away incredibly impressed with the medieval melee combat simulator sequel in his latest hands-on report (his in-game enemies, however, did not all leave the battle with their hands still on…). Chivalry 2 will be released on PC and Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 this June 8. On PC it will debut on the Epic Games Store and come to Steam and other storefronts after one year.

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Chris Hilton says:


NitroxideOG says:

these 1080p vids look really horrible

AlyxDlion says:

Can't wait to get it tomorrow 👍🏼

Mando 36 says:

Mordhau…..that is all

Almerindo Naval says:

If you preorder and play the beta? Can you still cancel the preorder on playstore

Matthys D says:

Will it feature crossplatform across all platforms?

jamari Grays says:

There's a guy vidin in the right if you pause it 1:44



David Diehl says:


Liam Smith says:

Chilvary lol

king tut says:

Might get this game on xbox when it's out

Liam Wilson says:

Except it’s locked behind Epic. You’re not gonna get to actually buy this through legitimate trustworthy channels for possibly years. Face it, if you play chiv or any game with this play style you’re using a PC.

Anton Qvarfordt says:

IGN cant afford a mic?

bydloshkolnik says:

mordhau cucks on suicide watch

JA3dwards says:

Your WIFE provided better sport!

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