Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


Chivalry 2 – Official Console Announcement Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2020

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Wage total warfare on PC or console in Chivalry 2 – now coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and will have crossplay enabled across all platforms.

This medieval First-Person Brawler is the sequel to the 2012’s Chivalry Medieval Warfare by Torn Banner Studios. Now, the gaming developers Torn Banner is teaming up with the gaming publisher Tripwire to release a new round of medieval mayhem. While Chivalry 2 (a.k.a Chivalry Medieval Warfare 2) was announced with a gameplay trailer at 2019’s E3, this Chivalry 2 trailer is the first to announce that the chaos of brawling knights will now feature crossplay!

So if you’re interested in more medieval games like Chivalry 2, stay tuned to IGN for more. And be sure to check out 5 minutes of brutal Chivalry 2 gameplay here:

Thanks for checking out IGN’s Summer of Gaming! Be sure to stay tuned to SoG as our team shares hands-on demos, gameplay previews (including Xbox Series X gameplay and PS5 gameplay), developer interviews, and publisher presentations- and it’s all happening in live broadcasts on IGN, IGN YouTube, and IGN’s social feeds! Throughout June, IGN’s Summer of Gaming will be showcasing Xbox news, PS5 news, and new games! 2020, we all know is the start of the next console generation, so make sure to continue to check out Summer of Gaming for news about upcoming games, 2020 titles releasing for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and more discussions around this year’s hottest gaming news.

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denis gomez says:

Asquero no se puede jugar lleno de bugs , te mete con partidas solo con bots , en play no lo compreis es injugable

The Honorable Orochi says:

Does anyone know the song?

Sir Drew says:

0:33 When you find someone watching Boku no pico

Jack Dowling says:

Anyone know the track/song for this trailer ?

WW1 Fanboy says:

Bois it’s here……..

jamari Grays says:

This trailer is amazing

JayBreezeKay says:

Blood will be shed Upon my arrival June 8th 😈

Caleb Couch says:

Oh epic games store? WORST business move to leave out the majority of PC players. hopefully it comes to Steam QUICK, or ill be holding off for a while.

Dawn Hycoran says:

So this is what gangs in the UK are like?

Emmanuel Duchamp says:

Will there be horses? Or do we have to wait for Chivalry 3 to get them?

Gage Mullis says:

For the glory of Agatha!

Chronocrits says:

0:07 Well chivalry may not be dead, but that guy is.

M4na says:


Shadow Thunder 48 says:

Were is switch 😭

King James Mayo says:

This game looks dope

TheHorror123456789 says:

Chivalry on the 360

novainfinity says:

The for honor killer

Albin Nilsson says:

But will be able to be giants and fight with lightsabers?

ً says:

Is there a name for the song?

izz nabil says:

I'll buy this game since he said fork you

Torashin1 says:

It looks and sounds exactly the same as the first one!
More of a remaster than a new game.

WhyYeetNow says:

Castle Crashers but 3D, love it.

Ziot says:

"fork you" throws pitchfork

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