Chivalry 2 – Official Launch Trailer

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Watch the brutal launch trailer for the multiplayer combat game, Chivalry 2, available on June 8, 2021, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series/X, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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SKY-Xripit says:

This is unbelievable

LexRex says:

This game is amazing.

denis gomez says:

Pura mierda te mete en servidores con bots todo el rato te crasea etc en play no lo compreis es injugable

denis gomez says:

Bugs por todos los lados

Alexander Kvamme says:

Why didnt he yell "two" after "chivalry"!?

David Gélinas says:

If this trailer does not raise the hairs on your arms idk what will

Perseus Love says:

Lol can confirm, getting fired from the catapults is fun


Should have been launched as an early access game.

David Cooper says:

The game is fun but yet just more hankers bad toxic cheaters to run around in

SpiderTech says:

Veri naice gamess lovit oke

Stromy_ Ghost says:

Çakma Mordhau

The Ganjacologist says:

What about Mordhau 2? Surely it is better. . . . .

Achilles says:

This game is unbelievable I'm so addicted, im a massive mordhau player too, battles are so much better the only think better in mordhau is the dueling, but everything else on chivalry is far better

Piotr says:


Damián Demon says:

so chivalry with upgraded graphics?

Gage Mullis says:


Blaze The stoner says:

What is this song?

Matthew House says:


steve gill says:

Game be insane in vr

Niez Ember says:

a trailer that shows what the actual gameplay has offered!

iiTzBluNTMaN says:

Can't stop playing this game if you are looking for a reason to buy this game. Do it you will have the time of your life.

The Grove says:

Yo ign
Enough with the ads

Lillith says:

Yeah, but guys, its torn banner we are talking about. Dont be too excited untill we get sure they wont just left the game to die like with mirage and deadliest warrior.

Alton Jones says:

So it's Mordhau with Ray Tracing?

Melon Cat says:

Wish my pc have this trailer framerates ☹️

Mugheera Saleem says:

is this on ps 4

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