Chivalry 2 Review

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Chivalry 2 reviewed by Leana Hafer on PC. Also available on Xbox and PlayStation.

I am having a ton of fun with Chivalry 2. The maps, outside of a few balance issues, are a total blast – everything from the shining armor to the soaring castle walls looks great and there are  a huge range of objectives to keep things interesting. Whether I’m swinging a sword or plucking away with a bow, combat hits that elusive sweet spot between accessible dumb fun and rewarding, skill-based mechanics where the wheat is separated from the chaff. When you respawn and everyone around you is spamming the battle cry button as you rush headlong into certain death, you just know you’re in for a rockin’ time. I don’t think I’ll be putting away this sweaty coat of mail for a good while.

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Singed420SnowinIt says:

Wish the player count was even higher so that it'd feel like a real war.

D G says:

The swings feel slow

Cap says:

Why does nobody talk about how absolutely awful the menus are in this game?

Blue Skykingdragon says:

Is this game only for ps4 and ps5

cjc2010 says:

This game always puts me in a bad mood.

connor says:

Jesus christ there are people who actually play this in 3rd person?

Tac says:

This game is a blast

john fernandez says:

The fact he didn’t mention for honor got me triggered lol

Fossegrim says:

Not gonna buy when people can play in 3rd and 1st person. Gonna wait for custom server locked in 1st person if that even ever happens.

Ian Cody says:

just make this into a game of thrones game!!

Andrew B says:

looks pretty garbage.

Bohannon says:

This game needs 1 or 2 maps with horses

Adam Magistri says:

Better than for honor?

Alec Thrailkill says:

Did you really just review this whole game in 3rd person lol

Leak says:

🤣 The guy at 5:00 swinging at his teammate as they charge

TomatoesToMateo says:

Ign this guy deserves a raise. First accurate score in a long time, that’s actually reflected by the community.

Dana Black says:

so addicted to this game nearly 2 days on the clock already

JM2000 says:

is it just me or does he sound like demetri from cobra kai?😂

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