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Chivalry 2 – The Fall of Lionspire! – No Commentary Gameplay!

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Doc here! Quick game of Chivalry 2! No commentary. Enjoy!

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Pro GAME says:

what platform this game…???

R G says:

so how was Leonidas job interview? anyone read? 🙂

Max Meng says:

3:57 three blocks

Prince Ru.. Tambayan says:

Hi Dr.Pgaming how did you download that game and where I hope can u notice my message tnx a lot from phillipines..

woodschannel says:

Raghhhhhhh rrrrrre rahhhhhhh rahhhhh

Ahmed Abd says:

What is this game

Ostap says:

nu ty i loshara luchnik tiebie kiknul

INI-OKTA says:

I like this game bro 😍😍

Warren Edaño says:

That's a big ass sword

Xavier Schlager says:

When we play "Age of Empire II" in real view😁


i just wanna say "ouch" ouch.. ouch, where is my hand…

Moxxie I.M.P says:

He battlecried but died but For Victoryyy 4:44

Rizki Fajar Firdaus says:

I hope sometime total war make the game like this

LORENZO31 says:

J'adore ce genre de jeux
Dommage sur console il n'y ai pas.

ultaika-hari ningrum-salsabila says:

Woa.. this all is real players or npc war?

Beau Long says:

Looks sloppy

حسن ياباني says:

شنو هاي اللعبه

Dys says:

blue will suck, red will win, blue will suck. @ cable guy

Abdan Arif Kuncoro says:

I could see how heavy the armor was from his stride, and the varying weights heavily rocked each type of weapon.

physics is very good. also the sound of weapons clanking very well depending on the object it hits.

Carina Tuner says:

Jajajajaja O'Doyle Rules! O'Doyle Rules! O'Doyle Rules! O'Doyle Rules! O'Doyle Rules! O'Doyle Rules! O'Doyle Rules! O'Doyle Rules! O'Doyle Rules! Jajajajaja

Iju Dnc1 says:

what game is this?? it on ios or pc?

spongebob 300 says:

Your so cool such a pro

may li says:

How much is it? I will buy immediately

Ryan _ Devil 4ngel says:

This game looks so real !

Muhammad Alip says:

Yeah 👍 the game is good to watch, it can make your heart happy

피카츄 says:

4:18 good job

Patrick Wagner says:

Did the nerf the spawn spot ?now i spawn far the bridge

Bone Killer says:

You are bad gamer

PapsKi Pap says:

Can we play this on PS4?

Тттт Тото says:


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