Chivalry 2 | The MOST Fun I Have EVER Had! I LOVE THIS GAME

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Chivalry 2 | The MOST Fun I Have EVER Had! I LOVE THIS GAME – Once More Into the Fray! Live and Die On This Day! This will be my last video during the Closed Beta! I can not wait to play this again when I can! Enjoy 😀

0:00 Attack on the Beaches
3:58 Destroy Enemy Gate
4:42 Capture Town Square
7:13 Destroy the Banners
15:39 Destroy Trebuchets
22:14 Battle of Wardenglade

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Darth Strange says:

I remember playing the first Chivalry with my buddies for hours on end, never had the chance to try the second

kristian nodland says:


Jay says:

This game is up there with the worst I've played. I just seem to run around cutting up my own team then die from a bow and arrow shot and have to wait 10 seconds to respawn rinse repeat

The Pipinator says:

Your so parsnip at the game you picked the red team

Zephyrus says:

How does this compare to mordhau


Swords and arrows are temporary barrels and boxes are eternal .

Malachiaya says:

I hate and love this game. I hate it because of the current bugs I've experienced and the fact I'm still new but love it because I haven't laughed this hard in years. When me and my brother play we have a lot of fun and I end up crying with laughter 😂

S0T5î Ranger says:

This looks hard but fun!

Emilio Tucci says:

Kingdom of vs the order of mason

A very kingdom of poland vs order of the teutonic knight situation

Carl Petersson says:

07:07 – everyone lived on in their own medieval ways, until the barrel nation attacked…

JOHN DOE687 says:


Tman42 says:

“Whenever its chaotic like this I usually just run around and swing. I usually get a kill.”
<Hits more team mates than the enemy>

Jesus Gil says:

I never looked up this game on YT, and I bought it in the epic game store. I turned off data collection and I STILL SEE THIS IN MY RECCOMENDED LIST ON YT WTF!!??

Man Of God says:

It gets old quick.

Daily dose of gaming says:

Pls do more bannerlord campaigns???

SaganJumJum says:

Throwing random shait from town. I feel that many Englishmen playing this game.

dodger5520 says:

This game make me smile Everytime the throwing stuff everywhere…

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