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DBD: The Dredge is actually VERY fun…

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The new Killer is basically a Dwight main lol
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Outro by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCubhxQgQPLafCOsGm9H-hZA

0:00 Intro
1:23 Game 1
7:57 Game 2
15:39 Outro


Demi says:

Seriously tho, how tf are they going to make The Dredge hot for the new DBD Dating simulator? Sike, that was a trick question. He already is hot.

Lincoln M. Doster says:

the dredge's real body is just the dark smoke

DemonicKiller HD says:

0:40 well your gonna bust the fastest nu- 🤣

Nevada Myers says:

What demi says in every vid MaSsIvE

itzpastorsheep! says:

Do you get 4ks every game?

Box says:

Personally, as a Dredge main I can confirm you need to wear protection. Unrelated but still very true.

Gravewalker says:

Eh, i dont really think it would sound like Mikey mouse, though when I see any character that could be an ancient god like being I usually picture them having a voice similar to the overlord from Lego ninjago, the season 2-3 one not this new one I don’t really like the new one it doesn’t sound like the overlord, ok more like a mix of both voices lol

Rosa Watkins says:

And I'm 8

PaNDa Shinobi says:

1:27 demi lokey turkey?

Itswithered Official says:

I watch your videos late at night to get tired so I can sleep. Not saying the videos are boring I just found it interesting

Ricardo_Islam314 says:

6:00 Bruh why did you say that 🤣🤣🤣

DogeDogeMan says:

Your Remenant, aka the fart can get destroyed if a survivor sniffs it up. Aka touches it.

NEET says:


Phoenix says:

Hey Demi, where did the stretched survivor face even come from?

what the goat doin says:

I feel like his power is the onryö`s power but better

TheDedicatedNoob ! says:

Bro for real consumed💀

TheDrunkGuy says:

Demi’s humour is to advanced therefore my lungs explode

Mr.GreenChristmas says:

I just realized

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