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Death Korps of Krieg Massive Trench Charge [Warhammer 40k] | Cinematic | Assault Squad 2

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The Death Korps of Krieg attack a traitorous cultist regiment, but the cultists have foolishly decided to engage in trench warfare, a specialty of the Death Korps. With booming artillery and plenty of bodies, the Death Korps will smash the enemies of the Emperor with ease.

I hope you like this cinematic! I’ve learned many lessons from the making of Battle for Withered Valley and I hope to apply these new skills I’ve learned in the future to all my future videos.

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Download the UMW40k mod that was used to create this video here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1589620185

Download ASV Star Wars which was used to create this video here:


Intro/Outro music: Ilya Kuznetsov & Mapps – Anticipation

For you King – Ender Guney Music


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