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Every Upcoming Star Wars Game from 2022-2025!

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In this video we discuss Every Upcoming Star Wars Game from 2022-2025. With several games on the way including the Jedi Fallen Order Sequel, Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, Star Wars Eclipse, Ubisofts Open World Star Wars Game, EA’s Star Wars FPS and much more.. there is a ton of Star Wars Games coming in the next few years. We go over every single one including confirmation status and release dates!

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0:00 – Intro
0:52 Sponsor
1:47 – KOTOR Remake
2:31 – EA First Person Shooter
3:34 – Lego Star Wars: TSS
4:06 – Mandalorian Game
4:50 – Jedi Fallen Order Sequel
5:33 – Star Wars Eclipse
6:20 – Ubisoft Open World
7:36 – EA RTS
8:12 – Star Wars Hunters
8:50 – Summary and Outro

Thankyou for watching and may the Force be with you.

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Kal Adenn says:

Eaw remake would be a godsend

Aheront says:

My number 1 hyped game is definitely Eclipse. I've never played a Quantic Dream game before but the rumor is that it's not like their previous games so I don't know if that really matters. What I've heard about it has me mega hyped, though. High Republic, branching storylines, choice and consequence? Can't go wrong there! But I'm just hyped for all of it, to be honest, and I'm really hoping that Ubisoft's open world game is a bit more sandboxy than anything we've seen in the past… I'd rather it be Jedi-focused than bounty hunter-focused but either way, I want a game that lets me truly LIVE in the Star Wars galaxy. Honestly, I wish that Lucasfilm Games would contract Bethesda or CDPR to do an open world sandbox Star Wars game… both get a lot of hate (Bethesda's hate is somewhat justified since Microtrash bought them) but they still make my favorite games.

Maniacal Miniatures says:

Oh don't toy with my heart for a new RTS! Empire of War is the best SW game still. I DO reaaaaally want an Original Sin 2/Baldurs Gate 3 Star Wars game series. Holy Sith that would be cool! AND an ARPG like Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor but Star Wars. Playing as a Mandalorian would be amazing!

PRiNCEAK _ says:

The FPS could be a republic commando remake + future additions to the story (like Kotor will be… kotor 3 🙏🏽)

Oxlil r6 says:

Still waiting for another republic commando game

ZeRo says:

I hope we get a cal story continue, then another Jedi spin off. Then complete the cal story or continue with both.

CorruptAxolotl says:

the star wars RTS looked exactly like iron harvest to me

I Am K9 says:

I just need a general grevious origin show/movie but I can’t wait for these games!

Phil Swift says:

Give rockstar the chance for a game. What they have done with Red Dead and GTA shows they have so much potential

Will Frank says:

I want to see more of Starkiller. That's who I'd go as

4Gaming says:

Multiplayer was cool until people started asking for battle royale in every damn game…

DropTopKennedy says:

Kind of overwhelming to be honest, wouldve been nice to been getting a steady release of star wars games over the last oh idk 5-8 years 😑

Ro0ster says:

One of the most popular games of the 90s was Star Wars: Tie Fighter. It gave a new perspective in playing and it didnt submit to "there's a good guy in every bad guy" trope like what we saw with Inferno Squad. I would LOVE to see a game centered around the efforts of the Empire. As in all conflict, there are heroes on both sides.

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