Fallout Shelter Tips Tricks Pro Advanced Base Design Layout Strategy Tutorial

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Vault design strategy guide and tips for dem dwellers based on my gameplay 🙂 good for beginner to advanced users. Best design I’ve seen so far in my opinion. Enjoy! vvIMPORTANT!!vv

IMPORTANT!! You can train everyone to max stats. Outfits add on top of base stats. So having 13 or 14 for a stat is possible 🙂

I’m going to be making a lot more videos and want your feedback on my production quality, etc, let me know in the comments what you think I could do better!

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anthony guerrero says:

Im in a hurrican aftermath and most the time i dont have service so i stuck to playing this

Nate Brezzie says:

So how the hell did u start this base?? Like wow.. I’d love to see a start up video to how to end up organized like this

Thatguyintheroom 14 says:

I can understand like three words

J says:

i usually just do my base like
e means elevator, 2 means 2 room, 3 means 3 room
v means vaultdoor
1st floor v 3 2 e e
2nd floor e 2 3 3 e
3rd floor e 2 3 3 e
you wont get molerats this way since no room is exposed to dirt also its good for raids bc it forces the attacker to go through the entire room
urs look good tho

joel smeaton says:

Still playin in 2021 huh ?

Wildtooth 7081 says:

I pranked my friend by telling him when all his power is down he loses and has to get a new vault by taking everyone is out

Tanakritgutz Lapcharoen says:

that moment when i realize that i have too many dwellers and the resources are dwindling: WHY IS THIS HAPPENING
the 10 dweelers in living rooms that are making babys: casually gives birth

CitrousJaguar says:

Radio stations should be at very top.. not power rooms.. also stats from gear go past lvl 10.

15 Navnit Chakrabarti says:

Yup, this is the recent comment you are looking for,
Have a great day

José Wemerson da Silva says:

I doubt you do a good one like this in the survival mode

Mr sPaRtAn says:

Ah yes


Mike Mason says:

19:08 our guy drops a 2A argument❤️!

Damian Garcia says:

My trying to listen to this dude (fallout music max) 😐

TekStorm says:

This is the lowest quality video I've seen on the subject however it was the best advice and was actually very helpful. Thank you

Aaron Savary says:

The worst part about this game, in my opinion, is that it's impossible to restructure your vault. Both storage and living quarters cannot be destroyed because according to the game they are holding dwellers and storage. Pretty dumb, to be honest. You should totally be able to completely restructure if you want to.

Creezon Prvt says:

I'd say you got some attention.


Ulissa Garcia says:

how get i get bottle and cappy 🙁

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