Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Trailer | PS5 New Ending Scene Walkthrough FF7 Explained Intergrade

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Five minutes of bonus ending scenes from Playstation 5 version of FF7 Remake. ENJOY! #FinalFantasy7Remake #FinalFantasy7 #Playstation5 #PS5

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live your dream's says:

What the fuck is that why zac fair appeared at the end he is dead how he can be Alive and back on midgard ?

criminal sen says:

Ugh I can't deal with Zach being alive in this version. Call me a miser but that was such a key element to the story wtf

Helga Formo says:

Game: Plays video
Me: skipskipskipskipskip

Jay Q says:

Part 2 coming in 2030, part 3 in 2040. After that, we're remaking FF8, part 1 in 2070.

煥仔 says:

i have no PS5….
Ps4 only …

Ry says:

I hope it's on PS4 as is part 3

Shizumeru says:

Half of the animation budget went into Aerith's face I swear

Shimohira Reika says:

I am here for Cloud.

My boii

TroubadorPoet says:

I really hope we see the Nanaki clones, Indigo-11 and Cobalt-12 that pursue Nanaki. I hope we see Elfe and Velde in Kalm as well as some of the player Turks. If they are going to include the compilation, they need to go full force. There is so much story here that I used to think Part 2 might end at Nibelheim, but now when you figure in in addition to the OG storyline, the new characters and narratives as well as the characters from the compilation, the expanded town sizes, new locations, new dialogue, perhaps new battle mechanics which could include a tri-tech attack (like Chrono Trigger), the myriads of new quests, potential hidden content to be discovered, new areas to explore…
I think Part 2 may end with them leaving Cosmo Canyon.

Serslystrong says:

Wait, so there are now TWO buster swords?

moon boy says:

also red xiii is there.

ネコ好きー says:

OK, sell me a PS5 first.

DocFumeur says:

Well I gotta say…

I did not think Tifa could be even more beautiful. A real Venus she is.

HoloGraphic says:

Why did I want Noctis to pick them up?

thinksail says:

why, am i the only one flipping tables because ZACK?!?!?!??

mmo dreamer says:

At least they’re not pushing a car…

Rice Yadnap says:

Isn’t FFVII too linear for a modern gamer? It was too linear when it was released

Jaybee Torres says:

When the part 2 release ?

Tobbis Da' Train says:

When Barret started singing 🤣🤣🤣

James Ludwig says:

I really hope this isn't foreshadowing a car mechanic. I do not want any part of XV playing out here

Nope Ninja says:

Why does Zack still have his sword I thought cloud took it?

Steven Vegh says:

Where did this come from? I’m scouring the internet I don’t understand why this isnt talked about all over the place. Was this added to Intergrade or the PS5 upgrade of FFVII Remake part one?

Shane Wright says:

I bet old Chocobo Bill hit that bump on purpose.

Le Chat Éthéré says:

Barret turn black to arabian ?

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