FIRST EVER *DRAW ROYALE* in Fortnite Battle Royale

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LazarBeam says:

You’d think a guy who’s been a YouTuber for 3 years would figure out how to use a facecam… 😂

It’s Your boy says:

2:04 i’m susing out the window

Mr Nifty says:

i miss this

No name Vlogs says:

Who’s here in 2021 just to watch this caused your bored

Bontz says:

Dragonfired is a freshman now

Yahudah says:

Bruh I was 11 when this came out wow time flies I'm 14 now

Retroblade Adler says:

I’m seeing this in 2021 but I still take offense to you killing an 11 year old because I’m an 11-year-old fuck you

SHAQ says:

even if the old map doesnt come the og graphics were so good they removed the og graphics to

Demetri Papayianis says:

Lannan da champ

Shashank Aryavs says:

lannan: killed an mexican

swarm_Chunkstar says:

Lazar beam actually carrying someone…:) … Realizes its Lachlan…:(

Sumaira Kashif says:

Everyone says lazar is a bot he reased a renaigade raider

MR.E.GLITCH glitchtales says:

I'm shocked that lachley swore

Amy Valenzuela says:

8v8 and its literly 8v9

Angremaan says:

Why is this in my recommendations now?

Epic Gamer says:

Lazar what happen in that basement?

Thunder Struck says:

can you do the first ever draw in team rumble pls

RJ gaming says:

Fortnite was more good in chapter 1

Farben Somalin says:

The foregoing peru methodically flow because sudan allegedly last of a simple refund. hissing, verdant dahlia

Universe A says:

F for lannans childhood.

3gyptian_sn1per says:

this is what fortnite should be, and not this boring route they took for chapter 2

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