Games Like Minecraft – Best Sandbox and Building Games

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50 More games like Minecraft:
Looking for some games like Minecraft? Try these popular games like Minecraft that are often consider some of the best sandbox and building games available. Links to official game websites can be found in the video description.

Be sure to leave a comment below with your favourite Minecraft alternative (either one featured here or one not in the video).

Ace of Spades gameplay: 00:20 –
Terraria gameplay: 00:57 –
Epic Inventor gameplay: 1:37 –
Mythruna gameplay: 2:26 –
Minetest gameplay: 3:07 –

These games like Minecraft are not featured in any particular order and may not appeal to everyone. Feel free to share your own favourite game but please keep comments constructive and friendly towards other YouTube users otherwise they will be removed.

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