Giorno's Final Muda! Diavolo Infinite Death Loop – English Dub (Sub and Dub Comparison)

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Such an amazing performance from Kellen Goff. Truly nailed it as Diavolo and we thank him for his hard work for this dub.

Not just him, everybody who worked very hard and putting so much effort for all of us dub watchers. Also thank you for watching all or most of my comparison videos. Not as sure if this will be my last comparison for this little series I made. But for sure this is my final one on this dub. Truly a wonderful experience and heck of a journey it was with all of you. Thank you!

*yes this is a reupload, apparently the previous version kept getting blocked. So here’s a somewhat shorter version of it. Hopefully this stays.

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The purpose of this video is made for audience who is sharing their opinions and doing research. Educational purposes.
The video contains clips from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that ONLY shows a comparison of both English and Japanese Voice Actors. I will not be uploading full episodes of the anime as the purpose of the video is to compare voice actors.

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