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HITMAN 3 Ending & Secret Ending

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HITMAN 3 Ending & Secret Ending

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GameClips says:

Hitman 3 All Cutscenes Movie –

TaNkist69 says:

We need Blood Money Remastered

toxic sweat says:

If I do the secret ending that leads to the possibility of another game

Hammas Haukka says:

21:40 well, you just had to put your foot in it, didn't you Edwards.

Doctor Emmett L. Brown says:

Is it really a secret ending? I mean there is literally a challenge for this, which is an obvious hint. Unless of course you never played previous games.

Evgeniy Gerkus says:

Blood Money version of 47: a biological superweapon in the shape of a man, made to embody the art of assassination, a true professional led only by his killer instincts.
Hitman 2016 and onwards version of 47:
a troubled boy that was brainwashed and forced into becoming an assassin but was finally able to make friends and is now on a quest to fight evil.

SEYI says:

Completed this game last night. I chose to eliminate every single providence member from the beginning to the end of the train. Was really fun lmao.

Tpd1864blake says:

The secret ending looks almost identical to the original hitman game where you wake up in an asylum

Reece Shugrue says:

You'd think 47 would catch on by now.

MZ says:

The good ending all the way

Pontakorn Rojsiriphan says:

at 23:19 … Is Diana getting prenant? And 47 is in a relationship with Diana all this time? Conspiracy to be continued

MaYeRsDZ says:

11:20 so the window was opened and those guards didnt notice ?

Yagami Power says:

For Me its a perfect ending concluding 47's story.

Suicide Die says:

He remembers me of kratos

Vinicius I says:

The in-game cutscenes was the best option

tomicLy says:

His smile will always Brighten our Day…
By his biggest HIt yet.

HITMAN 47 says:

There is one more way.
We can shoot Edwards but the cutscene will be same as injecting Edwards.

The Cat. says:

I still believe 47's line: "You will never know" from Absolution was the best.

Folganas says:

1:50, I'll see you at the funeral where I pull my 2 Silverballers and shoot everyone!

Rogan Kane says:

So you Telling me that Hitman 3 is Potential Prequel to the Agent 47?

Jack dawson says:

You can also choose to inject yourself if you hold the syringe and wait a bit

Ollie Carter says:

That means probably hitman 4 next 2-3 years

Synystr7 says:

1:02 Someone else might've have gotten it wrong?

KarmasRealm says:

"Atleast I die knowing who I am"

Should a just kept your mouth shut

Arthur Morgan says:

I like the little smirk Agent 47 gave at the end

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