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How KRATOS & ATREUS Trained for God Of War RAGNAROK 🏀 #Shorts

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With the God of War Ragnarok State of Play rumored to be June 30 in this episode of Robot chicken Kratos plays a game of basketball to get ready for God of War Ragnarok release date and state of play. #Shorts #GodOfWar #RobotChicken

When the soft reboot for the God of War franchise released in 2018, fans were immediately impressed by the new focus on Norse mythology weaved with well-received narrative and gameplay elements. As God of War was such a popular series, fans were of course excited when the sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, was announced. Initially planned to be released in 2021, God of War Ragnarok was later rescheduled to a 2022 launch. However, even as the months march on, many are still unsure when the game will actually release.

Fans have been looking at everything from tweets to pieces of merchandise to guess when God of War Ragnarok will launch. To add to the mass of theories and speculation, one leaker is teasing that they know when the elusive release date will finally be revealed. The leaker is known as The Snitch, an alleged industry insider who has had a flawless prediction rate, recently telling gamers what to expect from Sony’s State of Play event in early June and revealing some of the titles announced at Summer Games Fest.

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Now, The Snitch is teasing fans with a potential date for a new Sony State of Play event, where it is believed that God of War: Ragnarok will have a major focus. The leaker tweeted a GIF featuring a smiling Kratos while the numbers 11110 appeared onscreen. 11110 is binary for 30, implying the 30th of June. This date would line up as a potential State of Play date, as it marks a Thursday, when Sony typically hosts its presentations. This would also make sense when combined with Tom Henderson’s recent prediction that another State of Play would happen at the end of June.

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