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Hyper Light Drifter: How to beat the West Boss (left boss)

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In this video, ohnogojira explains how he beat the west side boss in Hyper Light Drifter. Below is the written version.

How to beat the west boss in Hype Light Drifter
In the begining, your goal is to get the boss to break off the crystals containing smaller mobs. If you do not, the boss WILL release the mobs from their crystals once reaches around 30%-20% health (sometimes he just does it randomly). Note that one of the most difficult obsticales you will be facing is your own human error. The trickest mechanic for me was and is knowing which direction i will be dodging in. Naturally i think i will go in the direction i am walking, however, in this game you dodge in the direction your cursor is located; so make sure you know which direction you will be dodging and plan accordingly.
For the first part of the fight, what I suggest is to wait next to a crystal, right before the boss does his first slash; dodge out of the way in any direction. If the boss is close enough upon landing, he will break the crystal (this also works with his second slah, which by the way, does 2 damage instead of one.). Once you have successfully dodged the combo, quickly run to another crystal and use the same tactic. I suggest doing this too all 5 crystals before you actually try fighting the boss. Rinse and repeat. Note that sometimes it is easeir to dodge his attacks in general, if you hit him once or twice (no more than twice) and then dodge through him; it would seem that landing a sword hit staggers the boss for a very very very brief moment.
Once you have all 5 crystals down, the way to win is pretty strait forward. I found the best method is to walk right up to him and hit him twice with the sword. right after your second slash, doge in a random direction as far away from the boss as possible; then dodge again to make sure you avoid the second part of the combo. Once he does his combo 3 times you need to avoid the spikes and unload your pistol on him, then dodge the 3 orbs. Rinse and repeat. At low health you will need to dodge 3 times instead of two and avoid 2 sets of spikes instead of one. Other than more dodging at low health, the fight is bassically the same. Hit twice, doge, doge, doge agan, shoot, dodge etc…
In case you missed some of what i said, here is the jist of it. The boss does his 1 2 punch combo, 3 times ( somtimes he switches it up, so be weary). after that he will send spikes at you in odd directions ( use this time to heal ), followed by 3 fast moving orbs that deal 1 damage each, the 3rd orb is shot at a different timing than the first two. Note that once the boss reaches about 30 to 20% health, his combos get harder. He will now have a 3 hit combo instead of 2, and he will sends spikes at you twice instead of just once;however, he will still only shoot 3 orbs at you.


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