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I built an off the grid treehouse in The Sims 4

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happy earth day besties

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This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen and this video is intended for an audience aged 13 and up.

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erina says:

Love how kayak changes the bathroom so the shower isn’t on a wood wall and then immediately says β€œoh we could get a wooden shower!”

kawaii says:

A grill in a tree…

That Girl Shelbyy says:

Has an easel, woodworking table, and gardening boxes, but somehow β€œhas nothing to get the sims fun up” 🀣🀣🀣

Julia Nery says:

where is it??? i can't find it on the gallery πŸ™

sageo says:

with this build being a treehouse and completely made out of wood, and lit with candles, its truly a huge fire hazard… i love it

BluePancake says:

Know that the new cottage living pack is out she should go back to this build and order a delivery and watch how this poor man climbs up the ladder.

Elandi Due'Darum says:

There is a CC for a notepad if you want writing off the grid. It doesn't work well and you need a computer to "Continue Writing" but still nice.

Optic says:

A huge fire hazard in that house lmao.

silt strode says:

7:41 "oh, the window, euugh.." im fucking howling, fucking slew me

Marty Ruth says:

i love how she's just completely not even considering "move the tree, build your shit, and put it back later" as an option

Little Gay Dove says:

what I usually do when building a tree house because I too build a lot of tree houses like a lot a lot I first step pick a tree+size second figure out how I want the house to is on the tree third remove the and build the house fourth put the tree in its place (just try not to be mean about it) anda just as you please

weird_goth_girl says:

I only have one pack πŸ₯²

Chatting Device says:

Simsie: We have power.
Me for no reason: Its about drive, it's about power.

(Not) Chef Ellie Jay says:

I have a challenge for you. You should really try making a blue suburban

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