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Lies of P – 11 More Minutes of Gameplay | gamescom 2022

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Check out the second chapter of Lies of P in this 11 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Pinocchio insired soulslike.

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AtreyusNinjaaa??? says:

iframes during backstep 🙂

anirban dutta choudhury says:

It looks very good..a touch of bloodborne and steel rising

Joe Stoppenbach says:

Anyone else seeing a steampunk Timothy Chalamet?😂 game looks cool though

OLEG Bajov says:

Красиво и скучно

Tomatoffel says:

this look extremly lame

Fredrick Stormborne says:

pointless combat, this game is gonna get speedrun. just avoid the dumb ai bots. sAD.

Gg J says:

Bloodborne 69

Gg J says:

Bloodborne clone

capuccini Latte says:

the end of the video justifies the name "soulslike"

David Next says:

Bloodbourne…is that you, my friend? What have they to do with you, my sonnn(

David Next says:

Вот что значит, когда долго ждешь продолжение Bloodbourne и решаешь сделать нечто подобное сам

gijaleel says:

Looks like a bad "skin" of BloodBorne.

James McKenna says:

Where's the music/soundtrack?

Petr Hotový says:

Enviroment look so empty…

Anthony demons Siller runb4ME says:

Should of called it the lies of yharnam. Bloodbourne 2

Amilcar Jauregui says:

Steampunk concept has been used too many times, it is like watching a baby from bioshock and blooodborne.

falconer6678 says:

This will be the closest thing to bloodborne on pc 😥

Коля Арматуров says:

excellent mod for the Bloodborne

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