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Lies of P – 5 Minutes of 4K Gameplay

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Check out 5 minutes of gameplay from Lies of P, the upcoming action game that boldly says, what if Pinocchio but Bloodborne?

In this new Lies of P gameplay clip you’ll get to see some combat against a variety of enemies including bosses, as well as a look at crafting different weapons, upgrading and swapping various arm attachments, exploration, and much more. Lies of P was playable at gamescom 2022 at the Microsoft booth.

Lies of P will be releasing on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X in 2023.

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This is amazing

chamo77 says:

The enemies don’t seem to do a lot of damage but this game still looks fun af

ISetYourFaceOnFire says:

That clipping of the coat through the legs needs to be fixed…..i thought we'd solve clipping in video games…but all the resources continue to go to things like graphics….

Paweł Lutyński says:

Uh, the shittiness of unreal engine is really shining through in this game…

J D says:

Bloodborne is one of the greatest games of all time. This might be the closest we ever get to a sequel. Day 1 purchase

33whitten says:

I feel like this game is meant to be played in something other than English, it is the weirdest most out of place emotionless voice acting I have heard in so long. I am confused if it was an issue of bad direction or casting or both.

Revolution هي The حل says:

I wish if they used unreal engine 5,so the game might look catching than this😓

plantasmus says:

I know it's petty to point this out, but the subtitles are kinda janky: "You're comeback" (2:16) or "Please accept my way up same thanks" (2:30). More importantly though, the game itself does seem promising, and it looks gorgeous.

Hassannor Khan says:

Bloodborne 2?

linux750 says:

Bloodborne 2 might not be a thing, but this should be a fine substitute.

Haiti's Space Agency says:

steampunk elden ring?

김태완 says:

pc 에 쩌들어있던 양키들도 재밋게할라나

Skeptik says:


Tomatoffel says:

Cant wait to see all those big and empty rooms with bosses in them. (Looks lame af)

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