LONGEST KILL POSSIBLE (4000M+) in Fortnite Battle Royale

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SUB TO TOASTED – https://www.youtube.com/user/ToastedShoes

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LazarBeam says:

u copied muselk even tho it takes like 12hrs to make a video and he uploaded 4 hours ago #exposed

Darku says:

seeing this in chapter 2 season 8 is fucking wild

Biezer says:

17th time I've watched it still one of my favorites

Jere Vandewalle says:

whats the name of the epic violin song?

Phil Scott says:

3:10 he missed the shot

cam says:

i missed those days man 2021 september 4

rory 1 says:

Still watching these vids in 1 September 2021

pranav lakkireddy says:

You should use the property of right triangles and kill toasted on the ground. If we say that the straight length from you and toasted is 4(just an example). So then if you kill him you will kill him from 4m.But we create a perpendicular line from where you are to the ground with its length 3(again, example). Then you can create a right triangle where you are at the point where the perpendicular line is coming from and toasted is the 4 meters away from you but 3 meters down. So you can figure out the distance is 5 instated of 4 because of pythagerom theorem. So higher kill range..

TheFnafGamerNowl says:

Ch2 season8 gang woo

Ellshend 26 says:

Anyone else not play fn anymore but is just bingeing all of lannans old vids

Scorpio Raps says:

2021 we here

Voice Troller says:

Yes I am it's beautiful

This Fishy Broh says:

Dance till your dead right?

Julien Lewis says:

Does anybody know what song is at 0:52 I’ve literally spent hour searching for it

Alex_edits says:

Og fortnite💔

LiamEpic44 % says:

I wanna wear this dumbs h I t science” t shirt.”

Ron Terepo says:

mrtop 5 beated your high score he got 33600 that how far he shot hes friend

Preston Lanna says:

Rip again toasted

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