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Mars First Logistics announcement trailer

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Wishlist on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1532200/Mars_First_Logistics/

Mars First Logistics is a new physics-based open-world simulation game. Design, build and control your own mechanical creations to deliver awkwardly shaped cargo between colony stations on Mars.

Trailer by Dan Golding.


bv s says:

can you add Linux compatibility

tom branstetter says:

Just downloaded the demo yesterday…I love it and can't wait till the full game comes out.

pvzgame0Oo says:

there needs to be a creative mode i think it would be fun and i want it to be in the demo version so badly too

-_TUNCAY_- A says:

Will it be for free?

Dave Rogowski says:

So noone noticed the swastika?

Pleasure Elf says:

This looks like it's going to consume lots of our time. Can't wait, Ian!

psz says:

Needs more parts. Right now it seems like there arent many possibilities for building the rover because they are all built with like 4 parts. But the graphics looks so amazing…

Darshan Ingale says:

That's interesting

Levi Luke says:

A vehicle building game with a goal that actually involves vehicle building? Finally!

Edvard Illescas says:

No saldrá para switch o PS5?

Pablitow says:

That's a surprising direction taken by Sable as project, but let's go

Skinkemann says:

Oooh, this looks like lovely, wobbly fun! Sweet!

BarryDennen12 says:

I don't want to wishlist it, I want to buy it already

Mark Dinsdale says:

These moebius looking graphics are mindblowing. Sold

ShroudedShrew says:

This would hit different on the switch 😩

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