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Martian Drone Design & Cargo Delivery! – Mars First Logistics [Demo]

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An open world physics simulation game. Build mechanised rovers and transport awkwardly shaped cargo across the surface of Mars. Earn funds, unlock new parts, and use your ingenuity to establish a new space colony! Playable solo or in online co-op!

Try Mars First Logistics on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1532200/Mars_First_Logistics/

Outro Music: Braincooler – Mega Man X Chill Penguin Stage Remix By Rozovian – https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01916

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MadArchmage says:

I like this. Thank you

Onigato says:

To quote a very wise man "You exhibited a great deal of two-dimensional thinking" on the beam. The final solution you came up with isn't the most elegant, but reasonably efficient in the end.

Thomulous Weaver says:

At 39:27, I realized just how I made my life very difficult on this mission! (≧▽≦)

I tried using a lifting contraption quite like the watering can lifter, and put it on a vertical hydraulic, then lifted the telescope with it. I got sent off the side of the ramp chasing the cargo… (◕ᴗ◕✿)

RocRolDis says:

“Someone will see what I’m doing and flip”
Or they’ll assume you’re an engineer and assume a safe degree of insanity.

MrHandros says:

cant wait to see this game progress!

trueheart says:

Motivation bot 1 delivers oranges Giving the humans the Motivation to move off there couch

Coffee cat says:

I would rather you lowered the music than lowering sound effects

alan smithee says:

Within two minutes this game has reminded me of terratech, zineth, besiege, and death stranding.
Weird combo but ok.

Edit: Oh god I just looked up Zineth and discovered that the same team went on to make the sonic dreams collection and now I hate everything.

Marlewcal says:

Trailmakers on Mars, i like how it challenges you with different types of objects compared to just rocks in Trailmakers… However I do love building boats and planes in that game so hopefully this can match

Toastyghost says:

Kinda sounds like lego

Coolcabbage says:

played it myself 2 mins into the video.
The easy solution I used for the girder is to just stab it through the middle

Murilo Sena says:

Your solutions weren't that far off from what it's like in real life, actually. There are cranes and trucks that are almost just that.

Aedon Dahlgaard says:

This looks like the Lego Mind-storms robot building and programming kit and competition.

spritemon 98 says:

Reminds me of the surviving Mars animation trailers lol

ProcTiger says:


Kodakowl says:

This seems rad

geras shenanigans says:

wow, this is super cool, love the art style

Elsa Celsing says:

This is interesting but you should probably never stream it useless you disabled chat, I can already hear the backseating.

yes and no says:

My goodness do you think that it's possible to make a jumper in this game

Thijs Schokker says:

Seems like a combination of terratech, death stranding and sable.

James Drake IX says:

Your solution to the box delivery was really creative!

Evan Xander says:

346th and second

Dan the pan man says:

Hello game good

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