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MAX REACTS: It's -NOT- Bloodborne…Lies Of P Teaser

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RaDicAL808 says:

Pino-Kiro. He even has a gauntlet for his left arm. Lol hopefully it can spew firecrackers

Dovahkiin says:

7:55 Lol that got him

Majin_Erick says:

Castlevania should play like this….if a new one is released.

When Is dinner says:

Day one game pass baby

Luis Guillermo Garcia says:

Back to this reaction! This game will be dope!

Renaigh says:

it'd cool if the sword grows every time you die forcing you to adapt to a heavier playstyle

JP says:

I know a lot of people are comparing it to Bloodborne, but I also get kind of a Bioshock vibe to it, too.

Mr. Universe says:

It feels like this games gameplay mechanics are gonna be a mix of Batman Arkham series and darks souls. Something I’m definitely looking forward to.

The Hater says:

Looks about a hundred times better than bloodborne. Pinocchio did more in this trailer than i did in my whole run of bloodborne

The Bird says:

Honestly seeing the uprise in AA games is pretty damned sweet.

The Soul Crisis says:

I love the classical dark fantasy setting with the mechanical enemies and world. Really looking forward to this one!

Nicholas Youngblood says:

I love how Pinocchios movement seems deceptively human but turns almost robotic when he fights.

YGO says:

I’m actually glad they didn’t put a release date as it’s not going to give them a deadline they NEED to have the game done by, If they take their time with this to make it as great as it can be this game could be phenomenal.

Jonah Ingram says:

It’s basically a dark version of pinokio with bloodbornish elements so I’m kinda hoping they’ll use other fairytales along side pinokio like Alice and miss muffet thing like that maybe an separate games in a series you could call them the dark tales series

The Hatter says:

Eventually I want a bloodborne inspired game where you play as a monster, this seems close, playing as an automation and all.

But I mean like playing as a a beast person or just Frankenstein's monster, a inhumanly tall and muscular creature that has you augment yourself with new body parts as weapons.

Can act like the surge in that vain actually.

Starpreacher says:

I think the more you lie the more you turn human making it easier for you to die but making you stronger?

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