MOST EPIC BATTLE EVER! | Smite w/ Gassy, Ohm, Sp00n, Yami

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SnowGirlHD says:

I would love to see how you would play League Of Legends one day !

Interesting Duckling says:


Fall Spirit says:

What goddess is minx?

DeadGheist says:

I miss retro Nu Wa when she wasn't almost useless

Clan PureAngelz says:

Old nu wa rest in piece in pieces 😭😭😭

Raxis Taicho says:

Do you ever play League, or only Smite?

MoonLight says:

Old wa T_T come back to us

Kyoto Zaibatsu says:

mins play dota 2

Luca Bertotto says:

old arena ooo i love you

Mytru Mara says:

I miss the old arena map.

BC52 says:

Did nu-wa get a re kit for Xbox?

Evan says:

I miss old wa:(

Anthony Hinojosa says:

Holy crap this is a old version of smite. I don't even recognized some of the gods and their powers

TheLamppost444 says:

Took awhile but I tracked this song down for anyone who cares.  

TeknoAXE's – Royalty Free Music #303 (Sound of My Dreams) Dubstep/Grimestep/Techno

Maxwell Axl says:

Cries I miss Old Nu Wa so much!

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