NBA 2K20 My Career EP 9 – 1st NBA Game! Animations List!

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Emmanuel Durán says:

Chris smoove is waiting on a noob

Clinton Martin says:

Man i never new you were gifted VCs, I thought you grinded and built up your dude not be 99 1st bloody game

Why are you gae says:

Can someone tell me what animation you unlock at 65 driving dunk?

Lexii Holcomb says:

Odeee. Cheese

Ken Edward Marcelo says:

A lot of vc 🔥

Jamie Ibbotson says:

Hi Chris 4 playmaker shot creater could I use lockdown takeover

Ras Anthony Wiggins says:

You got a new fan my Brother…!SPASH..!

Lonzo Trout says:

What difficulty r u on

Lambi Coquillard says:

In my First NBA game , my teammates never passed me the ball, how do you not getting that ?

Rylan Baskin says:

What is your build?

Samari King190 says:

I wish I had that many vc tho, I could upgrade my shooting and defence so much

Morshed Ali says:

Every kid dreams of having Chris Smoove's VC.

YT Klockz says:


ELLE V says:

Number 27 smoove is my guy

Gary Alvarez says:

Can someone tell me wich is that camera view

Dawid Kołomański says:

how did you had 4000 vc?

Konnor Wade says:

my npc be killing me

Konnor Wade says:

i swear h eplays rookie level lol,

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