NEW – Chivalry 2 Gameplay – Siege Battles & More!

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NEW – Chivalry 2 Gameplay – Hey guys! We have an exciting video today showing off Chivalry 2 Gameplay. I really enjoy the game a lot and if you have any questions about Chivalry 2 ask away in the comments down below!

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles. Players are thrust into the action of every iconic moment of the era

Video Chapters
0:00 Intro
4:16 Siege of Rudhelm
22:00 Battle of Wardenglade
28:23 Tournament Grounds

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Life_happens says:

Thats some amazing work for your next vid you should be a knight or someone with a sword

Tie D4L says:

I doubt like how inconsistent this game is on DPS.

UrLocalManager says:

this game looks interesting i want to play it, is it Mobile Support?

100Talk Podcast says:

12:10 is the scream from Stan by Eminem

"that's MY girlfriend screaming in the trunk!"

Boris035 .!. says:

So u made online Mount&Blade?!? :O 😀
Ok i guess this is a good game???
Anyone see what crap are been sell to us for last 10 years at least?!?

Marcus Maximus says:

Thay could make historical battle in witch u can participate 🙂 it could be a great fun….

Eddeh 07 says:

In all your videos, every time I see you accidentally hit the team talk button instead of jab and get stuck it hurts my soul, because I was there too, too many times! Biggest tip to new players is put kick and jab on your side mouse buttons, and throw as your mouse wheel click. Helped me so much!

matin mashayekhe says:

How i can download

FrigginNeato says:


sockhead579 says:

I don't really get it. This just like a 4k version of the first one.

nicholas swanborough says:

Imagine the lag!!!

Jeesus Aamen says:

game for kids

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