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New Game Announced! | The Great War: Western Front

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The Great War – Western Front – Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2109370/The_Great_War_Western_Front/
Eurogamer Article: https://www.eurogamer.net/the-great-war-western-front-is-a-new-ww1-strategy-game-from-the-developer-of-command-conquer-remastered
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England1066 says:

We have a few ww1 fps games now…but still not a lot compared to ww2. A lot less titles for RTS and strategic ww1 games. In the last 20 years there’s has been VERY few ww1 games.

salv0 says:

really love the idea but the graphic is horrendous

ToreDL87 says:

I donno, looks like the typical CDV game with the same old graphic motor.

soonerox says:

Been waiting for a proper Great War game that has well executed elements from the Total War series. I hope this is it!

Manuel Barro says:

Keep it up bro!
And try to stay relaxed
Great vid!

Nerdy Guy says:

I have a feeling that France’s contribution and sacrifice would either be overlooked or downplayed…

Trevor Philips says:

All quiet on the western front mod for men of war assault squad 2 is much much better than this game .
Battle of empires also,
World war 1 blitzkrieg engine game also.

Ryan Osborn says:

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CaffeineCat says:

This sounds very interesting, its good to see WWI being represented more in gaming. This has a lot of potential, I would like to see British Commonwealth troops (ANZAC, Indian, Canadian etc.) and aircraft. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Skibbidee Skitch says:

"… territory won’t be won in heroic pushes but slowly and bloodily, while collapsing morale is as much a danger as any advancing army.
In fact, it’s possible to lose the whole campaign – playable as either the Allies or the Central Powers – if your ‘National Will’ to fight falls flat. Becker opens the demo in Theatre Commander mode, the game’s strategy layer, and it permanently displays both sides’ National Will at the very top of the screen. There’s a grid-based map that shows unit positions and Europe’s frontline, but pushing that line into enemy territory isn’t the only way to win. Breaking their National Will through battles, even if you don’t claim complete, outright victory, will eventually see them surrender…a nod to the “marginal victories” that characterised a lot of real WW1 battles: small advances accepted in lieu of huge gains, when shooting for the latter meant even more gruelling trench warfare that could kill or demoralise any remaining soldiers"

This sounds brilliant, the developers have really come to terms with strategic attrition and its oft misunderstood role in winning the war. Looking forward to this.

redsimonDE says:

The game has Denuvo. LOL no thanks. 😀

Pavle Vrabac says:

All we need is this game to come out, mod that adds 19th century weaponry and covreter mod for Vic3 and I'd say we are golden

selly shoots and scores says:

I love that quote from the beginning!

Boomerang says:

This game looks amazing

Medlico The Unremarkable says:

The dual commander stuff sounds a bit similar to the Battle For Europe mode in Cossacks II, can create armies on the "campaign" map and then move them into regions to capture them. Seems like it may be that idea.

Отписан says:

Have game devs heard about any other fronts other than the million times overdone western front? Maybe the Salonica front which was never done in any game? At least the Russian front?

Skyglider says:

Added it to my wishlist. But I really hope they will rework the graphics style a bit. It looks too much like a painting.

glorymanheretosleep says:

Multiplayer? Sounds awful.

Ozrenius says:

Petroglyph have good titles under their belt, I just found out about this from your channel, thx man

Alex Stambaugh says:

I would be super down for Dieselpunk alt-history tech trees

CharlieOscar's Impressions says:

Looks awesome, I'm looking forward to it!





Grandmastergav86 says:

Any interest in Isonzo? it looks pretty cool EDIT Forget Isonzo….wow, it really does seem like we're on a cusp of a new RTS boom and I for one am delighted about that.

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