Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 – Gameplay Demo TGS 2020 [HD 1080P]

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Gameplay Demo TGS 2020 of NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139. Check out the latest trailers and gameplay from Tokyo Game Show 2020 here:
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Magna Esca says:

I suspect people will make father skins from gestalt when pc version is released.

Helgen X says:

Let's just hope it runs properly on PC this time…

Banana Borealis says:

what is the music?

Lord Lopikong says:

The combat looks amazing now!!

Lord Lopikong says:

I'm so excited playing this and just travel listening to the amazing OST.

sddss53 says:

What’s the song in the background?

Steven Bailey says:

Wow that Music!

Ranmaru Thompson says:

What ever happen to dash ? Now its rolling dodge?

Cap Scarce says:

Wasn't expecting to see people crying about graphics on this trailer. No one played nier automata for the amazing graphics. Go play the next gen sports games or games made by billion dollar companies if you care about graphics over a well crafted story

iNicoBro ­ says:

Espero poder disfrutar por fin de este juego. No tuve oportunidad de jugarlo en PS3.

Auron Kardek says:

Everyone hyped about the new gameplay looking like NieR:Automata but… NieR is not an android, and it look like one with the new feel, it's not really a good point. Also the fact they are not remastering Gestalt is really bad, I can't feel bad for a Final Fantasy character loosing his sister, it's a japan thing, they did an amazing job locating the game with a older character loosing is daughter, why ruining this…


They enjoy having us run around for 40% of the game time.

Reynaldi Widjaja says:

The animation looks sick

A Frog says:

This looks awesome, a few more months and we`ll see where it`s at, definitely want to see more of this 🙂

Diego Ramos says:

A male is the protagonist ? 🙁 How about some female protagonist like 2B ? 🙁

Afro Shinobi says:

Man this game looks amazing. Loved Automata and this looks even better somehow.

CopingFlower says:

This game took the combat from nier automata and made it even better in terms of how much more smoother the transition is from attacking and after though I think one thing they should have added is a type of lock on system cause from what I can see from both games sometimes it would be a great help so that way your able to lock on the enemies a bit better

Enio Pereira says:

what about 2b, a2 and 9s ?

WrigglyBoat says:

Why do the neir games look so washed out wish the colors poped

Jamie Zero says:

This is awful for £50 you have the same map. You have upgraded combat sure. You added foliage. And AA plus higher resolution makes it look better anyway. Other than that I fail to see why this should be £50 or £55 in some cases. I've seen emu with 4k and looks the same. Same enemies we had. This shouldn't be the price of a full game. Maybe if it was was drakengard 4 or Nier 3 sure. But not an old game costing more than the release of the old game.

The Lonesome Wanderer says:

looks awesome. cant wait to play it

Nobody cruise says:

Ok this is a theory but maybe you play as Kaine in route B. Like how you play 9s in automata.

Genji says:

It looks good, but gives off heavy ps2/ps3 vibes. The game seems almost so similar to the original, that in a way it looks bad. Many reasons the game looks like how it was was due to the limitations of technology back then. They could've modernized parts of the game, to make it closer looking to Nier Automata, that way they could gain fans of Neir Automata to play this. Like seriously, the Art, attacks, GUI, etc, all look very outdated, even though this is a 2021 game. Hate to be rude, but they should've got Platinum games to make this as well instead of Toylogic. Platinum games has made only good games, the opposite can be said for toylogic..

Genji says:

While I don't believe it'll be able to top Nier Automata, it looks really good.


Don't compare the graphics because they already said this isn't the final version of the game, it's just a debug version and just to show of how the character and combat handles. It will probably look really good, at 60 frames, maybe 900p like NieR: Automata. And while it isn't being developed by Platinum games, that doesn't mean the combat won't be good. From the looks of it, it's really chunky and meaty. Not only that, they are laughing their asses of while trying to explain things. Also, this is coming 5 days before my birthday and i will probably get some special edition, depending on which they will have in EU. If not, i will just settle for the Steelbox.

Honed Hero says:

0 – 10 no self identifying non binary people. – twitter probably.

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