Ninja & Marshmello Play Duos!! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

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Ninja says:

Enjoy!! We are getting close to 8 MILLION SUBS!! Lets get this!

Rory WILSON says:

i am here for memories

Victor Lau Qi Feng says:

The best duos

Deacon Harris says:

OG Fortnite: Blue pump does 237. Nowadays Gold Spaz: 202 💩

Bejito_UI says:

BEST duo ever in this game like in 2021 !!

Dolton Webb says:

enjoy we are gitting close to 8 million subs lets get this

Arkham Ellie says:

Who’s watching in 2021? Wishing we could go back to this map?

Zyansyp says:

Marshmallow not wearing his own skin lol


R.I.p ninja 🥷

Dominik Stepinac says:

It's been more than 3 years!!??😭😭

Stiff Brandon says:

Shoes watching in June

Cryptik_Skull FN says:

Damn am watching in 2021 and the memories keep flowing

elamatics says:

And Then I Get an Chug Jug

AFM paracha foods says:

Who is watching this in chapter 2 season 7

Good Man says:

legendary duo in fortnite!!!

ehsgsvwgwvw says:

Good moments😭

Shahzen Sardar says:

Og is Soo good we miss og fortnite 😭😭😭😭

jay cannell says:

I really love to chug jug with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARCOS Mata says:

Marshmello and ninja are good best friends

JohnPaul Williams says:

Dose marshmallow talk to him but he’s muted?

Blueworld__ says:

I wish ninja would play Fortnite more

yamoo says:

5:32 my heart stopped he didnt take the skar

VictorX80 says:


King Cameron says:

That last guy just refused to die!!

JET Services says:

Ninja I love your videos and I bet you you can get this dub I’m watching all your videos and I always subscribe to them and like them see you on fortnight I guess maybe

JET Services says:

Sans enjoy your game to 8 million subscribers that’s cool because I my friend as you don’t have that much my friend just started like a month ago and he already has 1 million subscribers I hope I hope when I get you on fortnight I hope you can get me my first up thank you in ninja can you give me my first win please

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