*NO-SCOPE* KILLS ONLY Challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Adrian Quintero says:

Post quality content challenge

Nate Roth says:

How is his keybinds on the other side of his keyboard

Guy from fortnite says:

Get noscopem

Darcy GTA says:

I miss old fortnite

Edona Ahmed says:

I miss old fortnite

Chase benedetti says:


dallas mcintyre says:

Get noscoped!

Anonymous says:

Let’s make a deal. I get 400k like and I’ll never play that meme again…

Henry Blackford says:

you killed bores is love i thought you loved bores

Gecko Shot10 says:

Season four

Catherine Ryerson says:

Could you use a assault rifle that has a scope on it or no?

Catherine Ryerson says:

Was this a sniper only challenge?

Bro Stive says:

“If we get 20,000 likes, you won’t see that meme again.”

402,000 likes later

DanksPlays says:

anyone notice how when he killed the guy after 5 min, the chat said sniped

Hawk 25 says:

Me: bro this fire!
My friend: I dare you to turn up the volume all the way.
Me: ok
The video: GET NOSCOPED!!!
Me: getting beat

Eva Guite says:

We only hear cool in fortnite now, but never fun

NoToxitJack says:


Ty Daley says:

He didn't do the challenge on the second attempt because "why can't I scope in" THEN SCOPED

Jack Attack says:

Seems like a lot of people hate the no scope meme (401K) likes

Ryan Koch says:

Almost at 20 million subs

fassifern says:

If i get 20k likes…

Gets 400k

Pramila Baid says:

lazar : i want 20k like
me: dude u hv 400k

Mr krabs Bez says:

POV you watching this in 2021

Aden Beast says:

another slurp thats what she said

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