Oddworld:Abe's Oddysee (PS1) Longplay

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So Abe is a janitor at Rupture Farms enjoying his job even though he is just a slave like the other mudokons in there. One day he discovers what is the next product from Rupture farms during a glukkon meeting. It was his race so Abe had to escape from where he work while saving his race as well.

Demos (2:27)
GameSpeak (32:03)
Introduction (32:52)
Rupture Farms (36:33)
Stockyard Escape (53:06)
Monsaic Lines (1:11:12)
Paramonia Forest (1:19:05)
Paramonia Temple (1:28:29)
Scrabania (1:52:39)
Scrabania Temple (2:08:01)
Stockyard Return (2:33:36)
Rescue Zulag 1 (2:37:25)
Rescue Zulag 2 (2:54:33)
Rescue Zulag 3 (3:03:46)
Rescue Zulag 4 (3:17:34)
Boardroom (3:30:05)
Good Ending + Bonus (3:31:57)